$5B surplus: What the Fiscal Monitor really says about Canada’s economy

So as Justin Trudeau declares that the economy is getting worse and we need to turf the Harper government out comes the latest monthly fiscal monitor from Finance Canada.

  • DD_Austin

    If Politicians lie constantly
    why do we assume their paid lackeys are telling the truth?

    The question is just as important as the answer, and the questions these
    “departments” ask are as crooked as the famed hockey stick of science.
    case in point the unemployment rate is “seasonally adjusted” They always
    tell you the answer, but never the question.

    As for a “surplus” even if such thing existed all that means is the government
    confiscated more money than it wasted. Expect more “surpluses” in the future
    as more taxes are levied and more human rights commissioners appear to drive
    our economy to further prosperity