University to Ban “Cultural Appropriation” Gear

Here’s a novel idea. Why not just treat universities as places of learning?

Weird, right?

Leave your native headdresses and fake dreadlocks at home. And don’t bother with the Mohawks, bandanas, tank tops or short shorts, either.

Western University student leaders will arrive on campus to a beefed-up dress code for Orientation Week in a bid to make the school welcoming to all students and to counter accusations of cultural insensitivity.

“These are upper-year leaders who help first-year students feel welcome and make their transition to Western smooth,” said Taryn Scripnick, a student government official and co-chair of the orientation planning committee.

“In the past, some (student leaders) have worn items because of tradition and it wasn’t their intent for it to be cultural appropriation.”

Modern universities are baby-minding centres for bigger babies.

  • canminuteman

    Does that mean people who are not of European descent can’t wear modern civilized people clothes? If you are of sub Saharan ancestry do you get to walk around in the nude? If you are of native American ancestry do you have to walk around wearing animal skins? Why should they get the benefits of modern clothes made with modern textiles? If they did, I would be offended because they would be appropriating my culture! I suppose no one care if I am offended, and really, I’m not stupid enough to be offended anyway.

    • AmicusC

      don’t forget if you aren’t European (white) you are not allowed to go to university.
      that’s our culture go back to your ancestral shit hole and build your own university and civilization.

    • Dana Garcia

      I agree that Muslims should be proud enough of their illustrious chopper heritage to wear the attire of their ancestors and have scraggly beards like homeless bums.

      Also, it makes them easier to recognize and avoid.

    • Surele Surele

      And don’t start me on European music, art and architecture. Please return to your huts and caves, thank you. Too bad, we can’t be that easily offended… should we? Maybe then we would be heard.

    • Alain

      Add to that using white inventions and technology.

  • gainny

    I didn’t see anything there about black women wearing Indian women’s hair or masquerading as blondes.

    • Frances

      Or straightening their hair.

      • mobuyus

        They can stop doing that right now it offends me.

  • cmh

    the only thing allowed are burkas and islamic beards….bet on it.

  • Martin B

    Short shorts are cultural appropriation? Does that mean that from now on only sexy Southern coeds will be allowed to wear Daisy Dukes?

    • Martin B

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

      • Justin St.Denis

        Pretty. So pretty. Girl! Pretty! Long legs. Nice Pretty Girl pretty. Me like pretty. Nice nice nice…

  • pdxnag

    The “melting pot” has just been declared offensive. Only Mexicans may cook and eat Mexican food. The humble potato may only be grown and eaten by the Inca. The cowboy hat! Yes the cowboy hat, that may only be worn by Spanish conquistadors and their descendants (I suppose this could include the issue of their rape victims). From here on out we will celebrate balkinization, and marriages (where copulation can result in kids) between any two people from describably different tribes/clans/ethnicity/colors/languages/religions/etc will be banned as they might lead to mixing of things that must not be mixed because they might cause offense subjectively to someone.

    Anyone who doubts that Totalitarianism is the new religion and that it must be celebrated shall be flogged until they repent or die.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Hey! You really GET it.

  • Dana Garcia

    I’m starting to look forward to Halloween and watch heads explode among the anti-appropriation gang.

    • lolwut?

      And the screams of racism when the SPCA temporarily halts the adoption of black cats during that time.

  • I find it a laugh how the left eats their own.

    If there is anyone who only think he or she is multicultural, it’s a leftist.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Leftists are irrational, unreasonable, inflexible, and insane. The party going on inside a leftist’s head is dull, dreary and soul-killing. Should a leftist fall mortally ill before your eyes, do nothing. Let it go. It will be better off once its party is over, ended, finito! Leftists know real peace only via the dirt nap. It has always been this way. Happiness eludes the leftist completely, because the leftist cannot accept that it will never be able to control your thoughts no matter how hard it tries. That’s a fact.

      There’s an Elton John song that reminds me of leftists entitled Better Off Dead.

      • They cannot be reasoned with or appealed to which is why leaving them in Iraq or somewhere like that is sensible.

    • lolwut?

      I don’t even know why white people want to wear dreads anyways

      it literally looks like a wig woven from horse manure.

      That and Patchouli oil, that god awful shit that makes you smell like a freshly dug grave.

      • canminuteman

        There is a woman at work who has the worst rats nest head of hair I have ever seen. We call her Side Show Bob behind her back. If shaved her head and re grew her hair she could be pretty good looking. But with her hair and perma grimace like someone pissed on her cornflakes, she really does not send of a positive vibe. I think all white people with dreds are like this to a certain degree.

      • Thank you.

  • Frances

    Bandanas? That’s basic Western gear, meant to prevent red necks.

    • tom_billesley

      Bandanas can cause red necks. There was a Soviet Comintern directed Chinese Communist Party insurrection in Canton in 1927. The Chinese Nationalists of the Guomindang suppressed the insurrection. The communists had been given red bandanas that had been freshly dyed, so those caught with a red neck were executed.

  • lolwut?

    So will they be banning use of hair straightening products also?

    • Minicapt

      And no white shirts.


  • tom_billesley

    Cultural appropriation