University to Ban “Cultural Appropriation” Gear

Here’s a novel idea. Why not just treat universities as places of learning?

Weird, right?

Leave your native headdresses and fake dreadlocks at home. And don’t bother with the Mohawks, bandanas, tank tops or short shorts, either.

Western University student leaders will arrive on campus to a beefed-up dress code for Orientation Week in a bid to make the school welcoming to all students and to counter accusations of cultural insensitivity.

“These are upper-year leaders who help first-year students feel welcome and make their transition to Western smooth,” said Taryn Scripnick, a student government official and co-chair of the orientation planning committee.

“In the past, some (student leaders) have worn items because of tradition and it wasn’t their intent for it to be cultural appropriation.”

Modern universities are baby-minding centres for bigger babies.