Sharia Law or American Law? Minnesota Muslims respond.

  • AlanUK

    They’d rather live in Somalia or Saudi Arabia?!
    Go for it.
    You don’t want to live here and fit into our culture, go where you want to live.
    Make everyone happy!

    • Observer

      It’s time for an airdrop to repatriate them.

      The big question is whether the USA should waste the extra money to buy them parachutes.

    • mobuyus

      They don’t want to do that, they’re the spear-tip of the invasion.

      • phah3shai

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      • AlanUK

        Only doing for them what they have already said they want …

  • JoKeR

    Obviously Obama should be forcing taxpayers to pay even more reparations to all of them for forcing them to live in the USA!

    • mobuyus

      That’s what he grovellingly promised the worlds freeloaders and parasites when he went on his apology surrender tour of the world.

  • Millie_Woods

    There’s a good reason our ancestors were discriminatory towards these people. It had nothing to do with racism. It was to protect themselves, their offspring and their way of life. Uneducated people a hundred years ago had more sense of history and culture than the most educated modern liberal. And that’s not an irrational statement.

  • Ed

    I don’t sense that these idiots are much into “law” of any kind…

  • mauser 98

    hundreds of thousands of Somalies moved to Minnesota by US gov.

  • Cat-astrophe

    All these refugee’s are the result of wars meant to give these people better lives….it is clear that the method chosen by the UN/NATO is not the same as may have been expected. The refugees are it seems forming the spearhead of the invasion back onto western soil, condoned by all our governments, all western ones, and most certainly not desired by the majority of the people who inhabit them.

  • luna

    More complete video here:

  • marty_p

    I am surprised they didnt try to kill the Yahud Kuffar.