Renewed Scrutiny for Mosque in Spain After Foiled Train Attack

ALGECIRAS, Spain — Before he boarded a Paris-bound train last week, armed with an assault rifle and intent, the authorities say, on carrying out a blood bath, Ayoub El Khazzani had spent the final chapter of his troubled time in Spain in this gritty port city, living in a run-down apartment block with his parents within walking distance of the local mosque.

The mosque, Taqwa, was under police surveillance from the first day work started on turning what had been an auto repair shop into a place of worship, Nordi Mohamed Ahmed, vice president of the association that runs the mosque, acknowledged in an interview.

  • canminuteman

    They should eventually realize that they need to bulldoze the mosque and deport anyone associated with it. Tracking every last one of them to prevent them from going islam on our ass will bankrupt us.

    • tom_billesley

      Surveillance is definitely easier when it’s a flat gravel-covered parking lot.

  • Gary

    You have to be pretty f’d up and void of a conscience when every time a fellow followers of your faith goes on ANOTHER killing spree for your god ( which is now so common it’s implied as a core tenet of that faith) where the first thing you think of is to beef-up security at the temples .
    Since it’s usually a thief that is the first one to accuse other of stealing , I infer from this that they worry about a Mosque attack because THAT’S what their first response would be based on the quran sanctioning Revenge attacks.

    But don’t think that I can’t see this as a ruse as well for muslims to play the victims for the Media as to change the narrative. When muslims last year murdered two Canadians on our streets that were linked to the Military , we saw how a couple of mosques were vandalized but both had NO, I repeat NO , security video evidence .
    One mosque said that a new employee had hit a switch to shut of the cameras that were never off since the mosque installed them , the other said that the hate message spray painted on the wall of their mosque was done on Friday while hundreds of muslims were inside for their prayers.

    Hmmmmmm, reminds me of the Pickering mosque ( linked to the hamas funding CAIR and Saudi Sunni’s) arson assertions at 3:00 am that drunken Christians ( Mark Holland’s claims in the video made at the mosque to denounce hate) were blamed for as bigots that smashed windows and torched the Women’s entrance.
    Seems that the Whahhabi sharia ( homophobic misogynistic) mosque was refused a building permit for their Mega Mosque – to be funded by the saudi’s – because to zoning laws building codes for height and parking .
    This “Mosque” was an old one storey cement black based Office in an remote area on a side street but had a nice plot of land around it.
    It’s now very common for Imam’s and muslims to fake a hate-crime and damage their building used as a mosque to by-pass the Zoning laws and rebuild it as a mega-mosque with full upgrades and a huge parking lot.

    But, while Dan McTeague and Mark Holland were easy to play for suckers too stupid to see through this scam . The Town wasn’t as dense and the locals were fooled either , seems that that caretaker at the Mosque just happened to be there at 3:00 am to call 9-1-1 right when he said he smelled a fire.
    He didn’t hear the drunken Christians smashing windows and nor did any neighbours report to the police that there was any car on the road prior to that time along with not hearing those drunken christians walking to the Commercial Building/Mosque ( that no drunk would know was a mosque) after the bars closed and they never heard of a taxi .
    It was also the Women’s entrance that was torched while a room inside that stored books about islam had ‘ Jesus rules’ sprayed on the wall for that Hate-crime touch to blame infidels.

    The Whahhabi linked mosque tied to the hamas funding CAIR didn’t get their Mega Mosque permit, so they did what Muhammed would do , they lied and built a smaller versiopn of the mega mosque as a ‘ Community ‘ centre meeting place with a huge open area for prayers.

    btw, right up the street from me on Dundas west was one of the African Muslim Community centre’s which was used to be a small Travel agent office for commercial use only. But recently the covers on the front reception area were taken down and I saw how the steps to the main accounting area was now a large empty area where I saw dozens of muslims praying .
    No big deal, but there is a real Mosque just down the street except it’s a jew-hating arab based mosque that I doubt welcomes this brand of Black muslims.
    The NDP dominates all levels of Governments in this area because of the Public sector linked residents and high number of “refugees” and immigrants promised FREE stuff by the NDP .
    It’s futile to expect the NDP to enforce canada’s laws on new comers that are voters and help keeps these pigs at the public trough , look how Olivia Chow refused to order the Police to issue tickets in China Town for Health Violations from the trash on the side walks attracting rats.
    Chow said that the Fines were just a fraction of the costs to taxpayers to enforce those laws by the Officers wages and Court system which would waste money. Wow , so in her World of the NDP brain we must tolerate small crimes based on the costs and not to set an example for all the people to obey the laws for a better and structured society.

    No wonder Toronto tolerates illegals and that Joe Mihevc said they would all get welfare because they pay taxes like everyone else. These Councillor’s think that it’s cheaper to give welfare to 300,000 tourists than to enforce of Immigration laws where the RCMP and Courts will be swamped.
    Hmmmm, 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada that aren’t citizens and it would be cheaper to let them pour into Toronto as illegals for welfare than to stop them getting in or deport them .

    The brain of a liberal leftist progressive.

    • tom_billesley

      They feel a need to maintain their victim status.