Overnight Thread…

Hi All,

I’ll be gone all day tomorrow again, Osumashi, Black Mamba and DB Cooper will be be keeping things running.

Am out the door in the week small ones.

Saturday is Cat Show Day at the Ex, a must see every year for us.

Leave your tips in the comments!

Saved from cat-astrophe! Tense video shows crowd’s desperate attempts to rescue crying feline hanging on to a window by its claws

  • tom_billesley

    The truck abandoned on the highway near Parndorf Austria had been reported as holding 20 to 50 bodies. The updated estimate is more than 70 bodies.

  • seaoh
    • christinecpettis

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  • ellake

    Cats rule the internet. (or at least YOUTUBE). 😉

  • Edubeat

    ‘Saturday is Cat Show Day at the Ex’ A David Mirvish & P.I.P/BCF production.. no canines of any particular breed or their owners allowed