NDP’s Tom Mulcair too right, says left wing of his own party

Barry Weisleder, chairman of the NDP socialist caucus, said in an interview Friday that under Mulcair’s leadership, the party has been moving further to the right.

“It’s a continuation of the movement towards conservative policies. It remains a party linked to working people and the working-class organizations in the country. But its leadership and the policies of that leadership continue to embrace the capitalist order.”

  • Shebel

    Maybe Mulcair was listening to Justins’ nonsense and realized that they were both acting like fools.
    Time to change.

  • kkruger71

    Well, not sure I believe they would stick to it if elected, but he certainly is sounding more right wing than any other NDP leader in my memory.
    Been thinking that since shortly before the election was called he seemed to be being more towards the center than Layton, and how much it shows the NDP followers are sheep. I have not seen one person that supports the NDP comment (or likely even notice) this shift, yet they are all still gung-ho, all-in, for Mulcair this election. Several times I’ve noticed them ignoring or even backing stuff he’s said, where my thought was “You know, if Harper proposed exactly the same thing, you guys would be all over it as a sign of how evil/mean-spirited/racist/etc he is”.

    • canminuteman

      That’s just because they are lying to get into power, once they get power they will try to turn the country into a northern Venezuela. We can surmise this from what we here NDP candidates say hen they think no one is listening.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I still say Mulcair can’t win until he shaves.
    No modern leader in the Western world has facial hair.
    I’m not talking about Angela Merkel.

    • David Murrell

      What about Elizabeth May? Olivia Chow? Libby Davies?

  • wallyj180

    The NDP believe that everyone should be equal.

    However, very few socialists see themselves as an actual worker.
    They realize that the workers need a firm guiding hand, and who better to apply that hand than the ones that created the system.
    And of course, to distinguish themselves from the others, maybe an extra perk or two, or more.

    Scratch a ‘progressive’, they ooze loathing for the common man.

    We are to be herded and controlled.
    For our own good, of course.

    • The softness of the totalitarian mind;)

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I like ELPs version of Fanfare For The Common Man.

  • barryjr

    Justin’s mentor led the Ontario liberals to the left of the NDP so Justin is just following along. Maybe the NDP are sliding right but the LPC is striding to the left.

    • phah3shai

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  • jayme

    There is rumor of a major trade
    To the Liberals
    To the Ndp

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Well maybe if he is elected he is going think about the citizens first not the corporations that come over here make business and hired none of the unemployment people here .