Christine Elliott Resigns As MPP for Whitby-Oshawa

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Christine Elliott is resigning as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Whitby-Oshawa.
A statement from Elliott says her decision to resign, which is effective immediately, was not easy.

  • DMB

    If there is anyone in the PC party of Ontario that needs to resign it is Lisa Macleod. She has become the Cheri DiNovo of the PC party both who are heavily targeting the gay vote. Her view is that if the Tories just marched in the gay pride parades that it will be the key to a majority government in the next election under the false pretense of “equality under the law”.
    As we seen time after time we can not have equality under the law when we have group rights instead of individual rights particularly with the human rights tribunals who play certain groups based on ethnic/racial or sexual identity. Which ever group they favour based on political correctness such as non whites, Muslims and gays who are given preferred treatment while white heterosexual Christian males are right at the bottom of the list.
    The PC’s targeting the gay vote by marching in the gay pride parades is a bad political strategy since like blacks in the U.S. most vote Democrat and most voted for Obama because of his skin colour. Like blacks in the U.S. gays in Ontario will overwhelmingly vote for Wynne because of her sexual orientation rather than heterosexuals pandering for there vote. They will alienate more social conservative voters than gain gay voters. What the Tories should have done was campaign on equality under the law through individual rights instead of group rights by taking away the power of the Human Rights Tribunals which is committed to attacking equality.