Canadian “Hate Speech” Proposal Threatens Free Speech

Thirteen years,thirteen honor killings, all in Muslim families, all of them in Canada. But if you should condemn those murders, you might find yourself the subject of investigation and convicted of a crime.

Quebec Human Rights Commissioner Jacques Frémont has proposed a bill “to prevent and combat hate speech and speech inciting violence.”

  • canminuteman

    If you feel “freedom of expression – go to hell!”, feel free to move somewhere where freedom of expression is not the norm.

  • Martin B

    “Terrorism is a reaction towards people who criticize their religion, so by banning criticism of Islam, we would end terrorism. Such arguments have been made by both Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and by Muslim groups…”

    Why are elected Canadian leaders parroting Mohammedan insanity? At least Vichy France had an excuse – the Wehrmacht had rolled right over France & occupied it. What about Couillard and Fremont and Shiny Pony, what’s their excuse? Why are they so eager to be traitors & collaborators?

    • phah3shai

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  • DD_Austin

    I wonder if you get double the fine if the “hate” speech isn’t in french.

  • WalterBannon

    Quebec Human Rights Commissioner Jacques Frémont is a NAZI

  • Icebow

    Get their e-mail addresses, send them link to Zombietime ‘Extreme Mohammed’.

  • Edubeat

    Methinks the legislation probably doesn’t cover the OLF’s hate campaign vis-a-vis the english language in quebec. French has to predominate on any advertising translates out as maudit tete caree.

    • Canadian

      We say “maudite tête carrée” .

  • BillyHW

    As long as women get to vote, hurting people’s feelings is going to be a crime.

  • Alain

    You just cannot make this stuff up. A proposed bill to prevent and combat hate speech and inciting violence all of which is routine in every mosque and public demonstration by Muslims. In fact Islam itself should be illegal according to the claim, but we know it will be the opposite.

  • barryjr

    After reading through the bill anybody who comments on this page can expect the thought police to come knocking. Just having a blog speaking out against anything will be enough to have you sent to the Gulag. It is the solemn duty of all LOYAL Canadians to help the french nazis in Quebec separate and the sooner the better.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Muslims are even involved in Canadian politics , ask the mayor of Calgary or the wife of the current federal minister of Justice , if I’m lying on that issue, I’m really fake in all my comments that I write in here .