Canada and Pakistan Must Decide What To Do About Two Men Arrested For Terrorism

Canadian and Pakistani officials have met four times this month in an attempt to resolve an impasse over the fate of two Pakistani men arrested in Toronto for terrorism, according to a newly-released document.

A transcript of a hearing held behind closed doors last week describes a flurry of diplomatic talks in Ottawa and Islamabad over Muhammad Aqeeq Ansari and Jahanzeb Malik, whom Canada is trying to deport to Pakistan.

Both are Pakistani citizens who are subject to deportation orders for terrorism — Ansari for being a member of the terrorist group Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Malik for plotting a suicide bombing in Toronto’s financial district.

But Pakistan is reluctant to take them back. Nazia Khalid, Press Secretary at the Pakistani High Commission in Ottawa, said her government was concerned about the risks the men might pose once they returned home.

Am I to care what the Pakistanis feel about this?