Calgary Busdriver Threatens to Quit If Forced to Drive the “Pride” Bus

Remember- no one is forced to accept any lifestyle until they are forced to accept any lifestyle:

A Calgary man says he will quit his job if he’s assigned to drive a bus wrapped in a rainbow flag.

The annual Calgary Pride Festival kicks off Friday and, as a show of support, a Calgary Transit bus has been wrapped in the symbol of inclusiveness.

The rainbow flag bus will operate through Sept. 7, the day of the parade.

Jesse Rau, who has worked for Calgary Transit as a driver for about a year, says he’s a Christian and can’t support homosexuality.

Rau hopes Calgary Transit and the Amalgamated Transit Union will support drivers who don’t want to drive the rainbow bus.

Shouldn’t buses be used transportation or something?

Not a First-World problem, apparently.

Not a First-World problem, apparently.