Calgary Busdriver Threatens to Quit If Forced to Drive the “Pride” Bus

Remember- no one is forced to accept any lifestyle until they are forced to accept any lifestyle:

A Calgary man says he will quit his job if he’s assigned to drive a bus wrapped in a rainbow flag.

The annual Calgary Pride Festival kicks off Friday and, as a show of support, a Calgary Transit bus has been wrapped in the symbol of inclusiveness.

The rainbow flag bus will operate through Sept. 7, the day of the parade.

Jesse Rau, who has worked for Calgary Transit as a driver for about a year, says he’s a Christian and can’t support homosexuality.

Rau hopes Calgary Transit and the Amalgamated Transit Union will support drivers who don’t want to drive the rainbow bus.

Shouldn’t buses be used transportation or something?

Not a First-World problem, apparently.

Not a First-World problem, apparently.


  • The Butterfly

    I can’t believe that in the wake of the shooting of those two poor journalists any city is even contemplating allowing that vile flag of hate to fly anywhere.

  • David Murrell

    CTV News did a completely one-sided report on this today. So notice the approach here: They just pick off Chistians one by one. This is how the gay lobby and the media establishment operate.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Did they ask a muslim driver to drive that bus?

    • Mr_bigstuff

      Excellent – This poor guy will have to drive it or lose his job – Can’t disagree with the queers – But you can bet your last dollar no moslem driver would ever be scheduled to drive it – I hope I am wrong and they can see their way clear to go along with his request-

      • phah3shai

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    • Blind Druid

      I made the comment on CBC (it actually made it past the Stazi) that had it been a Muslim driver, he/she would have been quietly accommodated, and this story would never have made it to the MSM.

  • El Martyachi

    That bus driver is like, the worst guy in the world. Just make (literally) taking it in the ass a contractual obligation for gov cheques of all types. Would make things simpler.

  • Exile1981

    Why is a city bus being painted in such a hateful logo. A sign of intolerance and murderous hate?