And Now, Israel’s Sand Kittens

Because sand kittens.


  • Waffle

    I’ll take them all!

  • jayme

    Cute indeed. It looks like the ears on this one are different than regular domestic cats’ ears – wider, almost reminded me of a rodent’s.

    • Waffle

      All the better to hear the desert rats sneaking around.

  • mobuyus

    It looks like it is way smarter than any “palistinian” and a lot more useful.

  • Xavier

    They are cute. But then so are little black kids.

    • Jade

      WHAT!!!!! Nonsexucater

  • Achmed

    If they are Zionists cats they are probably sent into the West Bank to spread fleas!
    All those cats should be exterminated!

    • Jade

      First exterminate those that say such an absurd think

  • Dana Garcia

    They look like there was a fox in the woodpile.