10 years after Hurricane Katrina

The scale of schemes and caliber of criminals tied to Katrina ranged from high-ranking public officials like formerkatrina_five_16[1] New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to Tina Marie Gilmore, an Illinois woman who tried to collect $4,358 in federal benefits by falsely claiming she watched her two daughters drown.

The 34-year-old told authorities she was so devastated after watching her two little girls — ages 5 and 6 — die before her eyes, she couldn’t eat, sleep, go to work or be in the same room as other children. A little digging revealed Gilmore didn’t even live in New Orleans when Katrina roared through. Her last name wasn’t Gilmore – it’s Winston – and she never had kids. The money she siphoned was spent on a double-wide trailer and a 50-inch television set.

The case, experts say, underscores the depth of deceit people went to during the post-Katrina money grab.

  • To make things even more interesting, a book that recently came out recounts how a bridge into neighbouring Gretna was blocked by police and ended with people being shot:


    There are plenty of sketchy details in this account including the absence or presence of police dogs, the release of details during the trial and the criminal elements who slipped in among the droves of fleeing masses then-Mayor Nagin did not evacuate:




  • simus1

    Katrina sideswiped NOLA and made its landfall elsewhere. The Ninth Ward and similar low lying locations had it bad from a combination of massive rainfall, high winds, inadequately constructed levees, and bungled evacuation scenarios.

    • Petrilla

      And many of their animals that they abandoned are right here in Canada. Their garbage still lies outside their homes with No One making any attempt to clean it up. I am sure the animals are very happy here, or were, giving the lifespan of an animal. I’ll bet the many thousands who never went back are happy in Texas.

  • Petrilla

    Most of New Orleans has rebuilt, altho why you would want to is beyond me. Still some still have the piles of crap there 10 years later. Why. Why is it that when the Midwest has horrible flooding, tornados, why is it that these people never ask for help? The next day, they are cleaning it up, a year or two no one knows what happened there? I also wonder why they want to live there. But New Orleans? Why is this moulderering lying stuff still on the street and why are people wanting to have the government rebuild? Aren’t there dumpsters there to carry away the fetid waste? Doesn’t anyone want to clean up…TEN years later. WHY? I was happy to see that CNN carried Trump rather than let CNN weeping host Anderson Cooper continue his lies from that period. Granted he is a very emotional fellow.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Emotional fellow, snort, euphemism, thanks!

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  • UCSPanther

    A public official during an inquiry into brutality at a long closed down Boy’s Reform School over fifteen years ago said it the best about false claimants:

    “If you leave a pot of money out, people will come for it”.

    These crisis compensation bids are always plagued with corruption…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course the poor have mostly left NO