The Soft Underbelly of Europe

On June 28, President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic said, “If European countries accept a wave of migrants, there will be terrorists among them. […] By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate the Islamic State.”

  • Achmed

    Allah foretold how all kafirs would either follow him or be subjugated and all eventually perish.

    It is the will of Allah and none can stop it as you can not prevent Allah from willing the continued spinning of the earth.

    • Achmed my friend, when the Germans wake up from their multi-culti slumber, the game will change.

      It won’t be long.

      In the mean time, you need to find a way to de-program your brainwashed mind. God did not send a child pedophile (Mohammad) to earth as a “prophet”. Islam is a mass cult. The simple fact you cannot talk about it is proof.

      Get yourself free. Good luck.

  • ed

    Austria 50 parasite invaders found dead in a truck [ the moral is ] don`t get in the back of a freezer wagon. stupid muslims !

  • Hard Little Machine

    And even if 99% of them are not terrorists you will still have 10’s of millions of poor illiterate angry unemployable people to micromanage so that they DON’T rise up to kill you anyway.