The one you’ve all been waiting for: Ezra Levant takes on Muslim-only Toronto Housing story

“No infidels allowed!”

  • Achmed

    There are lots of “public” housing buildings now where thanks to the support of staff that is the unwritten rule also!

    They will have their favored place in the New Caliphate.

    • Gary

      Regent Parkistan is about 60% muslims in new $1 billion dollar upgrade , the Rec Centre has been taken over by this Mater-Race fascists where they impose Sharia Law for who can use the pool and when .

      I laugh when Imam Rockwell and pro-sharia islamic org boast that muslims have the lowest unemployment rates and are the most educated that Canadian born non -muslims.
      Yet there are several examples of muslims ghettos like the Dixon rd Welfare Alley near Kipling for the Somali’s , we have these Ahmadi’s at the public trough plus all the other Niqab and Burka supporting Ilamic culture that make the women unemployable burdens for life that pump out Jihad-janes and Joe’s getting groomed in their radical mosques that Justin says don’t exist.

      As for the muslim cab drivers that all have Phd’s as Doctor’s and Engineers stuck in dead-end jobs from racism….. I’m still waiting to meet just one Muslim cab driver that knows where I need to get to and doesn’t need the Cartoon style GSP screen to follow the arrow which a chimp could be trained to do.

      This is just another PC farce like the jamaican crime issue in Government housing and jamaican illegals in Canada filling up our jails for rapes, shootings, drug dealings, pimping and bank robberies.

      The newest farce is the latino gangs and illegals that we can’t talk about , nor the 15,000 bogus refugees from mexico that came here in just 1 year for the welfare and health care.
      I’ll be retired and out of Toronto when it becomes a hell-hole like Detroit once it’s 90% non-whites and 70% immigrants new to Canada.
      Pull up a chair and watch the News as T.O. is torched by welfare bums and the homicides hit 500+ like Chicago because Wynne and Toronto are running debts just to buy votes from the Welfare Industrial Complex as they will out number the private sector taxpayers funding them along with the Public Unions too stupid to see their part of a Ponze scheme.

  • jayme

    There is so much going on in Ottawa the main stream media won’t touch atleast Toronto is seeing the light.

  • Bernie

    So where are our real Legal Defenders ? Why is the State supporting discrimination? Is this discrimination a Liberal Platform both Federally and Provincially? Why has the NDP not spoken out on the Human Rights issue ( unless they also support discrimination )? So much for the Canadian Charter of Rights. Not worth the paper it is written and not supported at all in Quebec ( Quebec has opt out clause ). You think we live in a Democracy? Think carefully again!

    • G

      There’s those brave crusading lawyers, just waiting for the chance to strike……and waiting ……and waiting ….and…..

  • Maggat

    I can’t see anyone in their right mind wanting to share a building solely occupied by arse lifters. That would be or could be very dangerous.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      And that’s why you want to know who they are before you make the mistake of renting there.

  • Xavier

    Savages clustered into Moslem-only housing will work to our advantage when The Reckoning begins.