Refugees Found Dead in Austria

As many as 50 refugees were found dead in a parked lorry in Austria near the Hungarian border on Thursday, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the discovery had shaken European leaders discussing the migrant crisis at a Balkans summit.

Police made the grisly discovery in the 7.5-tonne lorry stopped on the A4 motorway near the town of Parndorf, apparently since Wednesday, Hans Peter Doskozil, police chief in the province of Burgenland, told a news conference.

He said he could not put an exact figure on the number of victims, whose bodies had begun to decompose. “We can assume that it could be 20 people who died. It could also be 40, it could be 50 people,” he said.

  • Horrid

    • ed

      no ! breaking and entering a country, is no different than breaking and entering into your house and demanding that you ! feed ,clothe , house , educate , give them your hard earned money ,pay their medical bills ,let the rest of their family join them in your house ,then build a mosque and community centre to placate their demands

  • Hard Little Machine

    All this means is the EU will drop all pretense at attempting to stem the flood of illegal aliens. It will be the sea washing in now.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It is time to start a rumour in the refugee camps that fake human smugglers are putting people into trucks, locking them inside and then abandoning them to die. It might discourage them from trying to get into the more prosperous European countries.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      It’s more effective if it’s not a rumour.

    • lolwut?

      It probably actually happening.

      There’s videos on Youtube of people trolling migrants, picking them up and dropping them off in places claiming they are in the UK.

      Hell, if I was in France I’d be scamming the living fuck out of them, charge them $1000 for a trip into the UK and then ditch the fuckers, not lock the truck of course.

      I betting someone did that but choose to let them rot in the truck.

  • ismiselemeas

    You can be sure that the Russian/Turkish/Romanian/Bulgarian mobs have just found themselves a specialty market. Trucks stolen in Ireland/England/France etc used to transport illegals for $500 Euro a head up front to get them into a city in Germany, more for France or England. That’s a lot of dead illegals.

  • mobuyus

    Some people are just dying to get to Europe.