North Korean Subs Vanish From Radar

Well, this can’t be good:

More than 50 North Korean submarines have apparently been sent out on mystery missions, and artillery strength and warfare-readiness along the frontline have been raised to the max, a military source said Sunday.

That suggests the North has embraced a two-prong strategy tempering its traditional brinkmanship with diplomacy.

“The current sortie rate of North Korean submarines is as high as 10 times the rate in ordinary times,” a military official said. “Scores of subs that have left their bases on the eastern and western coasts are off our radar, which is an unprecedentedly serious situation.”


  • David Murrell

    Cat, no need to worry. President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are on top of things, keeping a close eye on the situation. We can all breathe easier.

  • North Korea cannot keep 50 subs operational for any length of time.

    As for tracking them: The article is meant for the NORKS. Those noisy subs are as easy to track as a child with a flashlight in a dark room.

    The real question is, what is the NORK game plan? Is the NORK regime falling apart? What will the dieing monster do with its tail.

  • tom_billesley

    Now watch them vanish from sonar.