If you dismiss the slippery-slope argument against ‘assisted dying’, you’re not paying attention

A couple of years ago I contacted Holland’s top pro-euthanasia organisation. Our House of Lords looks likely to approve a bill legalising euthanasia here, I told them. ‘Very exciting!’ came the reply.

Next month Parliament will again be discussing ‘assisted dying’, and although the tone of the British debate is not yet quite like the Dutch one, a shift in tone has undoubtedly occurred. In the past few years euthanasia has been renamed ‘assisted dying’ and become part of the ‘progressive’ cause. As two assisted dying bills, including Lord Falconer’s, come back to Parliament, the onus seems to have moved away from supporters having to explain why people should be killed before nature takes its often-ugly course on to opponents of euthanasia explaining why they could conceivably wish to prolong anybody’s suffering. As Dignity in Dying puts it in one of their advertisements, this is about letting people safely control ‘the manner and timing of their death’.

  • tom_billesley

    The UK government also has a policy of importing lots of jihadis as part of their “assisted killing” programme. This is also part of the ‘progressive’ cause.

  • DD_Austin

    Dignity in dying for the non elite will soon include a trip to the soylent green plant
    except for jews, cause they be keeping it halal

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  • Dan Howe

    I theoretically support assisted suicide. A person in intractable agony, or an interminable terminal condition, should have the option of departing this life without painting the ceiling with his brains and traumatizing the family. Many at the end of life don’t even have that ability.

    The danger, and it is a very significant danger, is that the right will become a duty, either by coercion or by social pressure. The experience in the Netherlands, indicates that dying is becoming a duty in some circles, there.

    • Blacksmith

      The danger so speak of WILL happen, abortion went from supposedly only for rape victims to abortion on demand.