Carbon credit fraud no laughing matter #elxn42

Regardless of which party wins the Oct. 19 federal election, Canadians can look forward to being ripped off for billions of dollars in the international carbon trading market.

Carbon trading is intrinsic to both NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s carbon pricing plans, since both would use cap-and-trade schemes, supposedly to reduce Canada’s industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

But even Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives — the least worst of the three major parties on this issue — have proposed buying international carbon credits to meet the government’s emission reduction targets.

  • WalterBannon

    The corruption and fraud that is carbon taxes are the last straw over which I would be willing to participate in insurrection and civil war over

  • glasnost

    So all of our Canadian political parties and leaders are willing to sell us down the road. Is it any wonder why Donald Trump is so popular?

    • Clausewitz

      M father in law owns 200 acres of land. He has about ten acres clear, the rest are all a woodlot. By their reasoning shouldn’t the government be paying him since his property is scrubbing much more carbon than he will ever produce?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I was listening to Gormley today at work.
    He had Lindsey Graham on to talk about carbon sequestration ’cause he was in town.

  • Prices are going up now. Just wait until later.

  • Gary

    The photo reminds me of the CBC hoax when they tried to push the Global warming myth and the big lie by Obama that co2 is a pollutant .
    The CBC used a photo of factory vent stacks for hot air during a really cold winter day and they changed the hue for the skyline sunset to tone it down and appear lie brown toxic air from the smog.
    But hey , when did the CBC care about facts and the truth in journalism since the 1990’s when telling the truth for crimes and welfare fraud was racist.