We can’t always rely on Captain America to get us out of trouble

“Europe has no answer to the metastasising cancer of Islamist terror, and we can hardly rely on Captain America to show up every time a fanatic decides to turn his weapons on us. Just imagine how many health and safety forms in triplicate a British railway employee would need to fill in before apprehending a bare-chested Moroccan gentleman with an AK47. Indeed, any desperate lunge to disarm the guy might well have been viewed as Islamophobic.”

  • pdxnag

    That is a nice paragraph.

    I would like to modify a quote from within the article to “the PC crowd needs to recognise [Islam] for what it is.”

  • mobuyus

    Any and every one pounding the drum for sharia law in the west must immediatly be beaten within an inch of their miserable lives, be given immediate first aide, to save their life, and then beaten again within an inch of that life. Repeat as often as is necessary.