The Two Koreas Live to Fight Another Day- Again


They came, they talked, and they signed, but they solved nothing. Plus or minus one piece of paper, three severed legs, and an implicit promise of payment, we are where we were on the morning of August 4th, when Staff Sergeant Kim Jung-Won and Sergeant Ha Jae-Heon embarked on their fateful patrol.

As I predicted hours before the deal was announced, Pyongyang didn’t apologize, and Seoul will continue to pay. The loudspeakers will be switched off. There will not be an all-out war, and probably never would have been. The limited, incremental war will resume, only at a time and place more to Pyongyang’s advantage.

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This dance is getting most tiresome and is certainly unproductive. Kim Jong-Un, I believe, is truly insane where his father was calculating. South Korea can’t continue this extortion forever. It’s not just unconscionable; it doesn’t make North Korea’s defeat and reintegration any easier.
The dam is going to burst. South Korea has to prepared for when that happens.