The Morality of Mass Deportation

Recently, a number of conservative writers and commentators, including Charles Krauthammer, have condemned the “mass” deportation of illegal immigrants as immoral. Of course, the deportation of illegal immigrants also involves legal and economic issues, but the arguments regarding these issues have been ably made elsewhere by advocates on both sides. The issue here is morality.

  • edlancey

    Chucky Krauthammer isn’t conservative, he’s an ex-marxist neo-con.

  • luna

    This is political calculus. If enough people (to sway an election) violate (or sympathize with violators of) a just law, then it is politically expedient to call the just law immoral.

    This means mass deportation is unlikely to be mentioned (accept possibly in attack ads) during the general election.

  • What is the morality of getting the population addicted to government handouts?

  • Alex

    “Yet following the logic of Krauthammer and other conservatives, the enforcement of a just law somehow becomes immoral once the law has been violated by a certain number of people. What principle supports this thinking?”

    The idea that morality is subjective has unfortunately permeated our post-Christian society. The principle being used implicitly by Krauthammer is the following: since morality is subjective (an assumption, not a fact), simple numbers (votes) decide what is right and what is wrong. It is obvious to see where such thinking can lead ….

  • Raymond Cameron

    What about the morality of mass invasion?

  • Objective morality is based on Life – what is pro-life is moral and what is anti-life is immoral. In the case of immigration, if an individual legal immigrant is a criminal, he may be thrown out, because he poisons even endangers the life of his hosts. If an individual immigrant is illegal – he is already a criminal, one without respect for the law.

    I personally do not speak about Latin Americans streaming into North America. To me, Latin Americans are not fundamentally bad people – each individual must be judged singly. Illegal immigration is wrong and should be stopped, but legal immigration from those countries is not wrong.

    What concerns me is Muslims streaming into all Western countries. This is highly immoral (of their supporters) because these people collectively put in danger the very life of their host countries and populations. It is a matter of life and death – therefore, it is not only not immoral to kick them all out, it is an absolute moral imperative to kick them all out a.s.a.p. before they destroy us all.

    Those that are immoral are not those that want to deport Muslims, but those that want to keep them here and indeed to multiply their numbers ad infinitum – this is suicide, nay it is mass murder on their part. It is the leftists that are immoral.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Bingo, Avi. Bingo! You should have that in skywriting over Chucky’s house. But he still wouldn’t get it.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s the lack of mass deportation that is immoral. Allowing millions to flee their homelands for easy entrance to “a better life” prevents needed reforms from happening.

    If illegal aliens from Mexico, say, put half the energy into political reform at home that they apply to breaking into the US, both countries would be better off.

    Of course, mass immigration of allah-bots allows the virus of islam to spread further and faster.

  • pdxnag

    What is the morality of: Tu Casa Es Mi Casa?

    (No one’s home or business is safe from the mob.)

  • Exile1981

    This is about the morality of making US citizens pay for a large number of Criminals who are not giving back to the system. Vs the morality of expelling the criminals back to there native countries where they will have to qctually work for a living.

  • Justin St.Denis

    In all this talk of multicultural enrichment, few voluntarily choose to address the other side of the multicultural coin, which is cultural pollution.

    Inferior (to ours) third world cultures have nothing to “contribute” to first world Civilization. If they did, they’d already be a part of it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Illegal immigration is America’s “Too Big To Fail” issue of this century. It’s too late to have any viable, fair and reasonable solution at all. There is nothing to be done and no way to fix it. We can’t logistically deport 4% of the entire population and there’s no way to stop the inflow. We need to simply adjust our views on how to live in a country with 100% unchecked absolutely limitless illegal aliens streaming in from Mexico and Central America until they run out of people down there, to come here.

    This will be the last presidential election that even considers there’s still a difference between citizens and illegal aliens. Our next President after that will be an illegal alien. America is finished, lower the flags, burn the ships at mooring.