The Future Does Not Belong to China

At least since the rise of Marxism in the 19th century, enthusiasm for “managed” economies has been a peculiar enthusiasm of intellectuals worldwide. From the 1920s to the 1960s, if not later, Fabian socialists were telling us that the Soviet Union, China, and other Communist countries had found a superior model to foster industrialization.

  • Maggat

    This is not a comment, but an attempt to see whether or not I’m able to post anywhere this morning.

  • Dana Garcia

    Is that a real soup package? Not that I doubt it, since the crimes against English are numerous and amusing.

    • Raymond Cameron

      The real crime against English is Google Translate. I label it: Understand at your own risk.

  • k

    It’s interesting to me that they mentioned Singapore as being a possible example of a managed – but successful – economy. Years ago, I remember a friend arguing that the polis (Greek city-state) was the ideal size for a human community/government in terms of efficiency and social cohesion. For instance, the ability of people to feel patriotic is related to the size of a society (the bigger the society, the more different individuals are from each other, and therefore the more difficult it is to get people to work for a common cause). I’ve often wondered if he had a point.

  • Everyone Else

    if we don’t get a managed world sooner or later say hello to nuclear maelstrom

    • Clausewitz

      Because five year plans have work so well over the years. Would you rather have lived in West or East Germany, North or South Korea? The New World Order of Centralized Government planning will do nothing more than lead to a world wide holocaust.

      • Everyone Else

        basically i agree with you that the market has done better than the planners, and the planners are mostly corrupt, however …
        1. china’s one child policy has been a success for planning despite some horrendous results
        2. freon use was stopped by international cooperation and the ozone layer has improved
        3. each day brings newer and more powerful weapons, but not wiser and more peaceful people,
        so …