Lone wolf terrorists pose new security threat

PARIS — The gunman had an arsenal that he claims to have stumbled upon in a park near the train station. Like three other men accused of drawing up failed plans for attacks in France recently, the suspect denied any links to terrorism, telling his lawyer he was homeless and only wanted to rob a train “to eat.”

Instead, the assault rifle jammed, and he was tackled and bound with a necktie by three Americans and a Briton who were celebrated Monday with France’s highest honor. Now, with many lives potentially saved on the high-speed train by quick-thinking and courageous passengers, the limits of a continent’s worth of security were thrown into relief by a lone attacker during a less-sophisticated act of violence.

  • Gary

    Once again , Obama avoided using the “M” word or linking islam .

    He sure was quick though after the Chapel Hill shootings to opine on how it was a Hate-Crime and attack on muslims.
    Yet when a Muslim tries, or succeeds , to slaughter non-muslims while praising allah in arabic….Obama calls it a tragic event where folks were victims of the random act of violence.

    • karenmlewisa

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  • Xavier

    While there’s no single silver bullet solution to the problem of Islamic violence, an armed and aware citizenry would limit the damage that could be inflicted on society. The fact that governments worldwide try to prevent their populations from practicing self-defense and attempt to minimize awareness of Moslem aggression tells us who they support.

  • luna

    “This creates a really interesting dilemma for law enforcement. You don’t have to be a mastermind or a sophisticated individual to kill a lot of people if you have weapons and they do not,” said William Braniff, director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  • David Murrell

    Was this really a “lone wolf attack”? Given the terrotist’s heavy weponry, he had to have had help from others.

    • New Centurion

      Remember his lawyer says he just “found it” in a park…yeah that’s it he found it.

  • Gary

    In Canada they are a ‘Known Wolf ‘ because the RCMP watches these time-bombs but fears acting because CAIR’s Sheema Khan cried racism and anti-muslims bigotry since 9/11, once they go Jihad we hear the RCMP
    confirm they were a nutcase jihadists as if that bring comfort to the family of the dead .

    The CBC gave Khan plenty of Air-Time to spew her fabricated islamophobia and play the victim , but around 2009 CAIR was exposed by the FBI for funding hamas via a bogus Charity used to get the donations out of the USA.

    CAIR changed its name , Khan jumped ship and now pretends she had NOTHING to do with CAIR’s links to the Muslim brotherhood and the HLF Charity.
    Meanwhile , the photo below is of Khan’s buddy Nihad Awad at CAIR where he’s at a pro-hamas rally with Hezballah flags being flown.
    Awad is also in a CTV news video claiming they Supported Arar’s $400 million lawsuit against Canada after his lawsuit against JORDAN failed.
    CAIR helped supply witnesses for the Inquiry via the Uof Ottawa Law dept.

    Once the Arar’s got their $10.2 million from extortion or the Shake-down , they donated a large Cheque to CAIR and the Uof Ottawa law dept .
    The list of persons and Org’s with Standing at the Inquiry is now a who’s who for those tied to radical mosques and funding terrorism.


    Maher’s wife and Alexa McDonough are on record in a Palestinian supporting website where they both took part at a Pro-hamas rally in Ottawa.
    Libby davies also endorsed it .

  • Micky C.

    Just wait for it. This schmuck will sue the Americans and the French government for suppressing his rights of expression.

  • Blind Druid

    If this happened in Canada, the Airman, Reservist and Brit would be charged with assault and battery plus hate crimes, (because they assumed he’s an Islamic terrorist, never mind that they were correct) — and, because they took it from him, possession of a prohibited automatic weapon, with no trigger lock, not stored separately from the ammunition. This POS would then be granted an audience with his regal majesty “The Shiny Pony” to ascertain The Root Cause of his behaviour, whereupon they would join hands, and after a rousing chorus of “Kumbaya” would go to Friday Mosque together.