Legitimacy for ISIS?


A Toronto Star editorial on Monday slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not doing enough to alleviate the refugee crisis in Syria, and called upon the future elected government to “open the gates to more refugees” and to accept the existence of the Islamic State (ISIS) as a fait accompli. …

Supporting a “political settlement to Syria’s destabilizing civil war” means that all parties involved in the conflict should be regarded as legitimate entities for brokering a new political order. After four and a half years, the Syrian regime has lost control over large swaths of the country to ISIS, which established its own Islamic State with Raqqa as its unofficial capital, and other radical Islamic groups such as Jabhat a-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.

The position made by The Star implicitly suggests that the Canadian government should abandon the international military coalition against ISIS, and alternatively use its “moral leverage” to support international effort to bring ISIS to the table of negotiations with the Assad regime in order to hammer out a political deal that may provide legitimacy to its Islamic rule.