Iran: Sunni Muslims condemn biopic ‘Muhammad’ film

Iran’s most expensive film ever, “Muhammad”, is set to open on Wednesday in 143 theatres throughout the country. The religious epic has already drawn criticisms from many Muslims who are opposed to any depiction of the prophet.

The $40 million production about the childhood of the prophet came under fire from Sunni Islamic clerics, who claim that it’s forbidden to depict Muhammad.

The Muslim world’s leading Sunni religious institution, al-Azhar, said that portraying the Prophet Muhammad was tantamount to belittling his spiritual status.

The organisation opposes not only portraying the prophet’s face but also his voice.

“The actor who plays this role may later play a criminal, and viewers may associate these characters with criminality,” Abdel Dayyem Nosair, adviser to Al-Azhar head Ahmed al-Tayyeb, told AFP.