First Nations Chief Is Pleased Over the Blowback from A Discriminatory Ad

The interim chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), Kimberly Jonathan, sees a silver lining in the overwhelming reaction to a racist ad: an outpouring of support against racism.

A recent ad for a three-bedroom home in Prince Albert on Kijiji said “no natives please” and “will not consider aboriginals”.

It also said those receiving social assistance and stay-at-home moms would not be considered.

“We face this and it’s reality out there,” said Jonathan. “A lot of times we just say, ‘Well we’re not going to say anything because where will my complaint go?'”

Kijiji pulled the ad after a complaint. And there has been a torrent of feedback denouncing the ad.

“If you look at the post and look at the social media, the comments ongoing, people are saying, our society is saying, ‘This is not okay.'”

Jonathan said the reaction has been “heartwarming.”


I once lived in a northern community. Most houses and properties were such pigsties that one would not let an animal, let alone a family, occupy them.

A lot of this disrepair can’t be blamed on lack of funds or some other flimsy excuse but you can put quite a bit of it at the feet of some unashamed corrupt leaders and the people who live in them. No one is expecting grand interior design but when one kicks holes in the walls, that’s not conducive to a proper living environment, surely.

A landlord is doing his job when he properly discriminates (as in chooses one thing over another after careful consideration) one prospective tenant from another. While it’s not nice to tar all with one brush, it’s even less nice to rent out a property that might end up in ruin and/or be unpaid for. Had the landlord just been a jerk, then he deserves the censure. If he has had prior bad experiences, then his ad is just a consequence of that.

I wonder if those quick to tears considered that.