First Nations Chief Is Pleased Over the Blowback from A Discriminatory Ad

The interim chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), Kimberly Jonathan, sees a silver lining in the overwhelming reaction to a racist ad: an outpouring of support against racism.

A recent ad for a three-bedroom home in Prince Albert on Kijiji said “no natives please” and “will not consider aboriginals”.

It also said those receiving social assistance and stay-at-home moms would not be considered.

“We face this and it’s reality out there,” said Jonathan. “A lot of times we just say, ‘Well we’re not going to say anything because where will my complaint go?'”

Kijiji pulled the ad after a complaint. And there has been a torrent of feedback denouncing the ad.

“If you look at the post and look at the social media, the comments ongoing, people are saying, our society is saying, ‘This is not okay.'”

Jonathan said the reaction has been “heartwarming.”


I once lived in a northern community. Most houses and properties were such pigsties that one would not let an animal, let alone a family, occupy them.

A lot of this disrepair can’t be blamed on lack of funds or some other flimsy excuse but you can put quite a bit of it at the feet of some unashamed corrupt leaders and the people who live in them. No one is expecting grand interior design but when one kicks holes in the walls, that’s not conducive to a proper living environment, surely.

A landlord is doing his job when he properly discriminates (as in chooses one thing over another after careful consideration) one prospective tenant from another. While it’s not nice to tar all with one brush, it’s even less nice to rent out a property that might end up in ruin and/or be unpaid for. Had the landlord just been a jerk, then he deserves the censure. If he has had prior bad experiences, then his ad is just a consequence of that.

I wonder if those quick to tears considered that.



  • Exile1981

    Years ago i had a rental property. My experience has been that even when you rent to a native with a solid job and good references; eventually they will have a friend or a relation who gets them to stay their because they just need a place for a little while.

    Every problem i ever had was from these “guests” either trashing the place when the renter left for a weekend… 300 person party. Or because the renter becomes fed up with the guests and walks away rather than deal with the guests.

    I sold the place it was just too much of a re-occuring problem. Plus the laws make it nearly impossible to evict someone in the winter months and even if they are thousands behind in rent, even dropping off a $20 bill will get a landlord / tennant judge to rule they are trying to catch up and he’ll let them stay even if it’s the “house guest” of your renter and not your renter living their anymore.

    You can’t shut off utilities either. The laws are stacked against the landlord and in favour of the croocked tenants…. or squatters.

    • Exactly.

      It’s time to re-stack the rules so that landlords can properly rent out apartments.

      People also forget that every time some loser wastes the place, prices go up.

      Bad tenants affect everyone.

    • AmicusC

      yup but that’s why if you are going to do it you simply just happen to never rent to certain demographics. don’t need to put it in the add do the same thing with everyone in terms of meeting and touring property then it just so happens that high risk demographics are never extended on offer to lease.
      this is why its stupid to get mad about those ads. all it does it drive it under ground and waste a lot of peoples time.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Exile, I had similar experiences with a multi-unit building I was stupid enough to purchase back in the 1990s as an “investment”. Unlike others, I was fortunate. I got to sell my albatross to a commercial developer who promptly tore it down. I watched it being demolished while laughing and drinking champagne. I didn’t lose any money, but I ended up working hard for every dime I made on the sale over the five torturous years that I owned it. Tenants in Ontario are a different kind of hell all their own.

      • Exile1981

        The only reason I didn’t loose money is after the last case. In which a native women abandoned her kids 3 months after moving in – the oldest turned 18 on the day she moved out in october. I then had an 18 year old a 12 year old and a 7 year old living by themselves while mom ran off to Calgary with a new boyfriend, They stopped paying but the courts refused to allow me to evict them till spring. By november they had 20 something relations living on mattresses in the basement as well. I filmed the 7 year old on the roof tearing off shingles and throwing them at passing cars. It was only the exterior damage that allowed me in the end to evict before spring.

        I was planning on selling it when someone I knew offered to rent it on behalf of his 21 year old son for 9 months who was doing an apprenticeship for the guy who lived across the street from my rental.

        I gave them a cut rate and they did a lot of clean up and re-painting on the place and after he left I sold it for 50k more than I had bought it for a decade prior.

  • AmicusC

    we all know they never consider the landlord. besides landlords are just filthy robber barons anyway amiright so who cares about them and their ability to rent out their property.

  • kkruger71

    I’ve seen all kinds of Muslim only, Asian only type of ads before, even saw a news story on them a while back, but nothing was done.
    Love the comments on the CBC story for this. Every time someone points out facts like I mentioned above, the CBC commenters rally around them and write stuff like “Well, it might be a language issue”, “It’s to help others that were discriminated against”, blah, blah, blah. Always ready to give the benefit of the doubt and try and explain away contradictions from any minority group.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Racists love other racists, so it is hardly surprising when they defend one another.

  • DD_Austin

    Indians are wards of the state, and are unaccountable financally
    they are also a minority “elite” these days, and are unaccountable legally
    So on No account due any business with them, because when it’s time
    to account, the called account will be on you, regardless of whatever account
    is told, so take into account they are just another no account minority parasite

  • lolwut?

    Like Exile1981 said, even if the Native is normal and employed, there is usually a few “Cousins” who will show up drunk and trash the joint.

    I used to sell refurbished office and computers/parts on Craigslist with a friend
    of mine on the side for few years.

    Rule #1, No Chinese or East Indians.

    Both 99 out of 100 times would deliberately show up late or pushing up their arrival time to get you inpatient and annoyed to drop the lowball offer on you or just show up
    with less money then the agreed amount hoping you’ll just give in to get it over with.

    East Indians men love bringing the wife who’ll try to browbeat you into a lower price
    while they both scan the room for other stuff you own to make offers on and wander around like they own the joint.

    Lots of stories on Craigslist R&R of Chinese walking off with stuff from people’s porches after they close the door, even the free section posters get robbed this way.

    Russians well they’re all whole different story.
    They act like you’re selling them illegal AK-47’s out the back of a trunk
    while you deal with them,. It’s like dude, you can relax, your not in the old country.

    • Exile1981

      I had a buddy who won a washer and dryer set; except the dryer was a natural gas model.So they offered the dryer free on craig’s list, still in box. They kept getting people calling and demanding that they either

      a) deliver the free dryer for free.
      b) demand they include a matching washer for free.
      c) offer to take it away but then when they showed up demanded money to take it.

      He ended up hauling it to good will, but they won’t take gas dryers and so he hauled it unopened to the dump in the end.

      • lolwut?

        There was a post years ago on CL Vancouver.

        A guy was trying to sell an almost new couch for dirt cheap
        nothing buy lowball offers from Indians and Chinese with similar demands
        so he got sick of it and posted it on CL Free for “White people only”
        with a long post of all his experiences with them.

        CL Free exploded for a week after that with a shit ton of people posting
        their stories and giving stuff away for free to white only.


        I still sell stuff on CL pretty regular but my rules and requirements
        are so tight that I don’t even really have to bother with them now
        don’t even reply if they name is “Diverse”.

        Doesn’t stop them from trying to get me to deliver a $10 item 40km away.
        after I knock 50% off of course.

  • Millie_Woods

    It’s an unspoken understanding in northern Saskatchewan that you don’t advertise rental property. If you advertise it, they will come. And you’ll be sorry.

  • In Ontario at the courthouses you can pick up a booklet entitled “Are You Aboriginal? Do you have a bail hearing? Or are you going to be sentenced for a crime?” It outlines the way the Indians should be treated by judges according to the “Gladue decision.” It’s prime example of racist justice that benefits the Indians. They basically have a license to steal, rape, and trash properties without major repercussions. Ironically, most of their victims are their fellow “first-nation-ers”. No wonder the landlords are trying to protect themselves.

  • jayme

    Ottawa has the Wabanoo Centre its a clinic for Natives only how is this ok.