Crass Frat Boys at Old Dominion

“…The banners were crude and distasteful. Even at 18, I wouldn’t have hung them. If I were a professor there, I’d have told the kids that they have a First Amendment right to display the signs even as I tried to shame them into taking them down. If my kid put up those banners––not that I’d ever pay for a kid to live in a frat house––I’d tell him to take them down or never ask for my help with tuition again.

Even so, it staggers me that this is an international news story covered by scores of outlets.

  • kkruger71

    Decent article. Over-reaction from the media, the school, and pretty much anybody that has condemned these guys. Maybe if the left had not gone over the top and put “rape” in “rape culture”, but picked a different, less extreme word, they might have got more people on board. Maybe over-sexualized culture, or even objectification culture. By overstating the issue and condemning anyone who is not in lockstep with them as rapists, they immediately lose any ground for reasonable discourse.
    The bigger thing I find, like so many of these non-stories that somehow become national and international news, is how it shows the MSM is in lockstep with each other. The fact that they will run with stories like this, or a principal in Guelph talking about appropriate ways for students to dress, etc. no matter how far from their beat it takes place, really feeds into the idea that they really are pushing an agenda rather than reporting news. And then they claim surprise when they are accused of conspiring together.

  • Xavier

    More rape culture. Credit AoSHQ.

    • karenmlewisa

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