Black Violence in Schools: White People to Blame.

The Tampa Bay Times just figured out why local black schools are a hot mess of chaos, violence and danger.

White people did it.

Which, of course, is the same reason why black schools are also violent and dangerous in Baltimore, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Rochester, Utica, Albany, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg …. this is a very long list.

  • Martin B

    Remember, no matter what they do, it’s always your fault.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The way I see it this is a PoV that should be encouraged. It’s a cold hard world out there, and the more people who spend the most time screaming that their own failure is someone else’s problem and nothing they themselves can help or fix is better for all the rest of us. Take themselves out of the pool of competitors for scarce jobs and whatnot. Burn down the CVS, mug a teacher, go to prison, be illiterate. Sounds like a plan I can live with.

  • ed

    the black man will always be the white mans burden [ Rudyard kipling ] and boy! was he right

    • DMB

      There is not one black majority nation on this Earth that can be considered anywhere near to be successful. They are either complete and total failures or barely managing along only due to white tourism i.e. Jamaica. There were only two countries in Africa that were once considered successful and they were South Africa and Zimbabwe only because they were under white control. Once that ended they both deteriorated to third world status. Zimbabwe is going after the few remaining successful white farmers since Mugabe believes that whites are to blame for the black people’s problem and blacks will suffer the most. If white people vanished from Earth tomorrow black people will die of within a few decades do to a lack of financial, economic and medical support from white dominated nations. Just an inconvenient truth.