A Former Liberal MP Claims Inaction Over Allegations of Fraud

A former Liberal MP says his party did nothing to investigate allegations of membership fraud in the nomination of their chosen candidate in a suburban Toronto riding — a claim the party denies.

Paul Szabo, who spent 17 years as MP for Mississauga South, says he warned top officials with the Liberal Party of Canada and its Ontario wing about his concerns about new members signed up last year by nomination contestant Sven Spengemann.

“They never responded to anything I sent to them,” said Szabo, who worked as official agent for Julie Desjardins, Spengemann’s rival for the nomination in the riding, now called Mississauga-Lakeshore.

“This is really difficult, to say your party’s complicit, but there is absolutely 100 per cent proof that they are.”

  • WalterBannon

    Crooked liberals?

    mon Dieu

    • Clausewitz

      Liberals corrupt, Perish the thought. Oh wait it happened in Mississauga, then Carolyne Parrish the thought.

  • Gary

    The AdScam inquiry proved that the Liberal machine prefers to take the risk because they can Deny Deny Deny and force an Inquiry where everyone claims they are too stupid to be expect to know what went on.

    It’s always the person under them that should have spoken up and exposed fraud, Wynne and McGuilty learned well from Jean and Paul .