You’ll be surprised at the real size of government

Bernard Chapin, if you are unaware of, is a micro-celebrity of You Tube fame who generates about 2-3 short 10 minute videos each day and is also a daily stop for your beloved Captain. The majority of Uncle Bern’s material covers the daily news, with a focus and specialization on chronicling the efforts of Marxists, feminists, and others to bring down the United State and destroy freedom.

However, while the majority of Bernard’s focus is on exposing these scum, he does occasionally wander into the realm of philosophy and economics, a common refrain of his being the “10% State.”

Bernard’s argument is quite simple – that the entirety of the state should cost us no more than 10% of our production.

Scary fact – Ontario has 44% of all public service union employees in Canada.

No wonder Wynne was elected.