Why I’ll be at the JDL protest outside Barry Sherman’s house #elxn42

World Jewry is blessed with many things. Among those blessings are our leaders in public office and the private sector.

In the public sector, we are blessed with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, who has fought on behalf of Israel and the Jewish People on the battlefield, in the Knesset, at the United Nations and in countless political arenas. His pedigree is proven, in that his brother made the ultimate sacrifice in 1976 when rescuing Jewish hostages at Entebbe who were hijacked by Palestinian terrorists.

  • Waffle

    What Mannan could have mentioned is that Netanyahu;s pedigree includes having had a father who was a historian. His father wrote extensively about the Sephardim (the Jews of Spain). The situation of North American Jews bears a lot of similarities to our medieval forebears and Netanyahu understands this only too well. Not exact parallels because history never repeats itself in precisely the same way, but enough to make us stop and think.

    • karenmlewisa

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  • David Murrell

    God bless the JDL.