The Most Dishonest Argument for the Iran Deal

We already know that President Obama will do and say just about anything in order to pressure Democrats to vote for his Iran nuclear deal. He’s smeared Jewish groups, falsely argued that only Israel is against it, and disingenuously accused Republicans of opposing itfor partisan reasons when it was he that destroyed the bipartisan consensus on Iran by pressuring Democrats to back the deal out of party loyalty. The administration has also consistently misled Congress and the public about the nature of the deal and the way it preserves Tehran’s nuclear infrastructure and right to continue advanced research that will give it a bomb virtually the moment the pact expires in a decade. But the most dishonest argument it has deployed to win over skeptics is the one highlight today in Politico. According to Michael Crowley’s feature, “the ultimate argument in favor of the Iran deal” is that “it would make it easier to bomb Iran.” Believe it or not, that’s actually what the administration is telling members of Congress this week. The question is whether there can be any member of Congress stupid enough to buy it?