Liberals Use PC Words Because They’re Convenient To Them. Here Are Words To Use Instead.

“…PC thrives on risk aversion – they want you to adopt the lying language of liberalism in order to avoid the risk of them calling you names. But today, there’s a risk for not resisting; Marco Rubio revived memories of his disgraceful amnesty flirtation by buying into the Language Gestapo’s meme and refusing to reject the “anchor baby” ban. As Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds points out, courage is contagious. If we all reject liberals’ demand to dissemble, their wobbly Jenga tower of consensus deceit will collapse.”

  • “…courage is contagious.” I like that.

  • Dag

    I’m not much courageous, but I can be brutally obnoxious. If you think free speech is worth the effort, please check out my latest book.

  • canminuteman

    He certainly loves Big Brother!! Another one who took 1984 as a how to rather than a warning.

  • Dana Garcia

    One of my favorite examples of PCBS is “No human being is illegal” which is often mouthed by illegal aliens from Mexico, which is one of the toughest border enforcers.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Mine is “If it saves just one person…”

    • That phrase might make sense on Vulcan but not here.

      Also, Spock is not an anchor baby because his mother was an American.

      Say these things to a liberal and watch them furrow their little brows in confusion.

  • Euphemisms are for children.

    Not that I’m accusing liberals of being children.

    Children are smarter than liberals.