Heretic: Don’t Demonize Ayaan Hirsi Ali Because She Tells It Like It Is

I know Ayaan Hirsi Ali has many detractors who vehemently oppose her just because she has the courage to stick her neck out and tell it like it is. An informed opinion about her and her thinking cannot be reached without reading her books open-mindedly and attending to what she is fighting for. I just finished reading her latest book Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now. I found it to be a quite intriguing and informative book that presents a candid inquiry about numerous issues unique to Islam and the reforms Hirsi Ali believes Islam needs if it is to uplift its fouled image and become a more positive and meaningful influence in the modern world.

Although there might be other reasons for the violence perpetrated by some Islamists, Hirsi Ali argues that the root cause of this violence is the Islamic texts and hadiths. Without the proper reformation of Islam, we cannot effectively deal with global terrorism and its related ills. The existence of such texts, the author suggests, allows Muslim extremists to act on them on an ad hoc basis to justify their misdeeds. Although she acknowledges the unpopularity of her arguments, she says they are not far-fetched. “My argument is that it is foolish to insist, as our leaders habitually do, that the violent acts of radical Islamists can be divorced from the religious ideas that inspire them.”

  • Xavier

    Is there any interest among Moslems to reform Islam? Is Islam adjusting to the modern world or retreating to barbarism?

    Mainstream Moslems give tacit support and approval to extremists, and should be held accountable for the creation and protection of violent radicals.

    Reason and logic will not work on a 7th century death cult.
    Teach them fear.

  • pdxnag

    Cause and effect: #IslamCreatesMonsters?

  • Dana Garcia

    My problem with Ayaan is she thinks the West should welcome Muslim immigrants and teach them the superiority of enlightenment values. That’s a fools errand. If allah’s gangsters want to learn about western beliefs, they can read about them in a nice book.

    E.g. she remarked to a radio question about culture clash: “You know, I don’t — I really don’t think that we — by excluding people or by kicking people out of the country, that that is where we should look for solutions. The United States is a highly moral country. Most Americans go out of their way to help people who are underprivileged, whether it’s in the United States or outside of the U.S.”

  • moraywatson

    Islam is the problem. That it can’t be reformed is the other problem.

  • Blind Druid

    She is an idealistic, unrealistic pacifist. But I still admire her for speaking out. When the inevitable conflict plays out, as Brigitte Gabriel states very clearly, the peaceful majority will be irrelevant