Escape From Mosul: Why Civilians Risk Everything To Flee IS-Held City

Mosul resident Khalid al-Mosuli has sold his furniture to raise the cash to pay human traffickers who will help him and his family to escape the city, which is controlled by Islamic State (IS) militants.

He says the traffickers have made arrangements with certain IS militants who are willing to close their eyes and let people leave Mosul.

“If we pay them enough money,” Khalid adds.

  • Alain

    I imagine these stories are meant to cause the West to keep their borders open for more to come, but I am way past that point. Yes, it is sad, but it is their own cult of Islam that creates this kind of environment. It is the responsibility of Muslims to fix (if even possible) a Muslim problem, not the responsibility of any non Muslim country.

    • I agree to me it would be folly to allow hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Europe. It has not worked well to date and would only get worse.

    • karenmlewisa

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  • Jay Currie

    I await the announcement of Saudi’s million refugee offer.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      They will put muslims on the moon, first.

    • Canadian

      Ah…a very patient man!