Egyptian religious authority says Brotherhood ‘entrenches violence’ after document urges resistance to state

Dar Al-Ifta, Egypt’s major authority on religious edicts, said the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood group has sought to “legitimise violence” after a document affiliated to the group urged what Dar Al-Ifta called “terrorist acts” and the killing of police and military personnel.

A monitoring unit of Dar Al-Ifta made the comments on Monday two days after a document was released online, allegedly by the Brotherhood’s legislative committee. The document claims to summarise a months-long study into “revolutionary work” endorsed by the Brotherhood’s leadership.

The document asserts it is a “religious duty” to put up “all forms of resistance” against the authorities, to fight back against the “coup-organisers” – referring to the 2013 ouster of then president Mohamed Morsi, a Brotherhood member.

The document calls for “perpetrators only” to be targeted, and for innocents to be left alone so that the “revolutionaries are not accused of violence.”