Reform Stand on Iran Reflects the Problem, Not the Solution

From the point of view of those opposed to the Iran nuclear deal, the decision of the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) to sit out the battle is not the worst possible outcome. To expect a religious denomination whose very identity is inextricably tied with liberal politics to take a stand against President Obama — a man that the majority of their adherents likes and admires — was a stretch. That was especially true since the president is treating this debate as a litmus test of loyalty to the Democratic Party.

  • Reader

    Whoever does not support Obama’s sellout to Iran will go on Obama’s list.

    • KoshN

      To Hell with Obama and his damned list.

  • Every day in every way, Obama keeps the taqiyya up.

    The dems lap it up like dogs at a free chicken soup lunch.

    Watch out, he gets snippy.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This shows more clearly that most American Jews oppose the Iran deal, except for Obama’s court JINOs.

    • KoshN

      JINOs, Jews In Name Only, i.e. New York/Hollyweird, LibProg Jews?

  • Linda1000

    I really hate seeing pictures of this fraud in the White House now. I read through most of 400+ comments on one posted article of the Obama family returning from vacation yesterday. Not one of those comments from ordinary Americans had anything positive to say about this First Family. Some were downright nasty and maybe deserved. Why some Jewish groups continue their die-hard support for Obama makes no sense.

    • KoshN

      DemocRat Koolaid brain damage.

  • If you are not for it, you are allowing it to go unchallenged. Therefore, this is actually a statement of utter cowardice- the cowardice of a group who support this bad deal even though they understand the calmatous results that are all tooo possible. They are standing out of the way like so many cowards before them while it is put in place while reserving the sad, excuse of “well we didn’t approve of it” for when (God Forbid!) a nuke obliterates Israel.

    Jacobs pretends that the reform movement is eschewing partisan debate and doing the “Heavy lifting”, of not doing anything, “Heavy lifting” indeed. Shame is too mild a word for this. It should be a rock on their collectives chests for all eternity.