Only at the Times… Gaza, Gulag on the Mediterranean

“GAZA CITY — At this time last year, as the missiles and bombs rained down in Israel’s lopsided seven-week war against Gaza, I wrote about our struggle to survive during the holy month of Ramadan. This year, another Ramadan has passed, Eid al-Fitr is over and the reality on the ground has changed very little.

The same dreadful conditions are creating desperation among Gaza’s inhabitants, whose lives are terrorized by war and stunted by the long blockade of this spit of land, 25 miles long and six miles wide. The only difference now is the absence of the smell of gunfire and explosives, and of the smoke trails from missiles fired by Israeli F-16s crashing down among civilian homes.”


I love that opening line, the author wishes to elicit sympathy for baby killers who frankly turned out to be pretty crappy at waging a war they started against a real army.

Behold a luxury hotel of the Gulag! The Al-Mashtal  h/t XX