New terrorist group emerges in Afghanistan, calling itself ‘Islamic Commandos’

Taliban and al-Qaeda had surged an insurgency in Afghanistan for over a decade and few months before another group by the name of Daesh affiliating itself with the Islamic State, a terrorist group from Iraq and Syria, appeared in parts of the country with carrying out some brutal executions.

Officials in parts of the country are now saying that a new terrorist group calling itself ‘Islamic Commandos’ has began functioning in their areas.

  • ontario john

    I prefer “Drone Meat”

  • simus1

    Everyone has had a good look at the dozen candidate uniform head coverings for the jihadi islamic commados who will be the elite branch of the islamic marines of the islamic afghanistan navy.

    Please now vote for your favourite item by naming the person wearing the one you prefer.”

  • Alain

    This is why it is so ridiculous to say we must fight ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah or whatever other group. It truly requires wilful ignorance not to understand that the enemy is Islam. Islam is the enemy of all freedom and liberty, and unless this is recognised and dealt with the lamps of liberty and freedom will continue to go dark throughout the world.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The cancer is metastasizing in the umma.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why does Afghanistan need a new terror group? Are the Talibans not choppy enough? Too 1990s? Or did “commando” just sound cool?

    Trying to keep up with chopper groups is like boy bands — limited shelf life is part of the package.

  • Gary

    There are 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth they can only be pushed so far with all the islamic slaughtering and beheading babies.

    The 1,200,000,000 so called Peaceful muslims have neither the will, nor brains to seek out those “FEW” bad apples from their mosques or communities and kick them out or enlighten them on the true islam.
    Six billion people can no longer be expected to live in fear of being murdered by muslims that do it as favour to their god as to be in paradise to get their virgins( for males) or clean their souls( women) .

    I’ve researched the Ahmadi’s that claim that THEY are the real Peaceful muslims while the Shia and Sunni’s are apostates and violent.
    It’s pure BS , they practise Sharia Law just as like ISIS and Hamas does but their version is less oppressive. The Ahmadi’s in Maple weren’t happy with their Gated Muslim-Only housing project that had a huge Mosque that violated the Zoning codes for height … sir, they then asked for a really really really small prayer room in the local Public school because they were an oppressed minority and they were just a small number of muslim kids in the school.
    Today the Ahmadi kids are the majority in that public school , so the parents DEMANDED that the Gym be made into a Mosque on Friday since the dominate and the majority should rule .
    The Ahmadi’s Peace Village in Maple does NOT list any Home for Sale on the Public real estate market, they want other muslims to live there for ever as an islamic community .
    I heard the excuse by one of the project leaders that they wouldn’t refuse a Christian or Jew from moving in, but they wouldn’t be happy there among the all muslim neighbourhood .
    Funny , this was what White’s s aid to keep Blacks out of their Neighbourhood because they’d be happier among their own kind.

    Mosques are being used to steal land in Canada because the Quran makes it clear that once a Mosque it built it can NOT be destroyed or used for anything else in the future. But islamic nations freely tear down churches and don’t issue new permits to build any.

    Now tell me again it’s not a death-Cult bent on Global dominations.

  • HalcyonDaze

    These clowns are no more than common bandits couched in religious garb and Afghanistan is nothing more than a failed Warlord China couched in democractic garb.