Is Israeli Intelligence for the Iran Deal?

J.J. Goldberg at the Forward has been running a campaign to persuade Americans that Israel’s intelligence community is at odds with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Iran deal. Not only the preponderance of retired professionals but also currently serving ones, dissent from Netanyahu’s read of the deal. Netanyahu can’t silence the former, but he’s given a “gag order” to the latter — to no avail. Military intelligence has even produced a “surprising,” “game-changing” assessment that undermines him completely, according to which the “upsides [of the deal] aren’t perfect,” but “the downsides aren’t unmanageable… The disadvantages are not too calamitous for anyone to cope with them.” Military intelligence sees “an imperfect but real opening in Iran. It believes that opportunities are being lost.” Netanyahu’s own “diagnosis doesn’t match his own intelligence.”

  • rebnatan

    This opinion comes from the NY Times of Jewish journalism.

    • Alain

      That explains it all.

  • ntt1

    this sounds like the rationalisation of the capos loading dead Jews into ovens

  • bob e

    nukes no nukes .. whatever. what do you think these killers are gonna do
    with 150 billion dollars .. huh ??

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Aaron Klein on yesterday’s radio program pointed out that the Mossad has been heavily infiltrated by lefties. As for military intelligence branches, not so much.

  • chicagotrance

    Some has-been Lefty failures, as for example, Meir Dagan, who has a personal grudge against Netanyahu because Netanyahu fired him.