How to help black boys afraid of ‘acting white’

A black head teacher told me a story of his early days at a failing inner-city school. The job was a thankless one and everybody was waiting anxiously for the arrival of the new ‘super-head’ (the school had gone through three leaders in two years). In the playground it was leaked that the new head was an old-school type from Jamaica.

During his first encounter with the students, they asked him how many children he had. He told them he had one and that she lived with him and his wife.

‘No sir, how many do you have in Jamaica?’ they asked. He replied: ‘None.’ They jeered, ‘Oh sir you’re not a yard man, not a real Jamaican — you’re acting white.’

  • luna
    • This is how to “act black”.

      Liberals need a lesson in acting.

  • Brett_McS

    The Jamaicans came to England in a wave back in the sixties. I remember a man-in-the-street interview with a Jamaican in London who had come there as a child, grown up, married and settled. However, about his childrens’ schooling he said he had to send them back to Jamaica … “so that they could get a good old fashioned British education”.

    • elsiekforet

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    • Amazing.

  • ed

    the derogatory term blacks use in the uk is ” choc ice ” black on the outside white on the inside

    • Clausewitz

      Here it’s Oreo’s. Came across this while doing some practice teaching in the public system in Buffalo. Funny thing was that this act never played out in the charter school where I did student teaching. The fact that Obama wants to eliminate charter schools says a lot.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Having people assimilate or even learn the language of the country is considered racist and oppressive. You can’t make people help themselves if they don’t want to.

  • Clinton

    Up until the 60’s, the percentage of black children raised in single-parent
    households was less than 20%– which at the time was slightly lower than
    the percentage for whites. Now, the percentage of black children born to
    single mothers is just shy of 75%, while the figure for whites is around 30%.
    Children raised in single-parent households are overwhelmingly more
    likely to be born poor and remain poor.

    Here in the US, the social policies put in place in the 60’s have done
    black Americans no favors.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘wack’ was the derogatory term used by blacks to insult the black achievers at the Louisiana high school I went to.

    ‘wack’ being what you get when you combine the words ‘white’ and ‘black’.

    (For the record, our valedictorian was a black girl with no shortage of spine and self confidence. Not everyone falls victim to the ‘crabs in a bucket’ syndrome.)