French train attack: Belgian station is close to notorious weapons supply line

The ease with which would be terrorists can purchase battlefield weapons on the streets of Europe was brought into the spotlight, as it emerged the station used by the gunman to launch his botched attack is close to a market notorious for illegal weapons trade.

Ayoub el-Khazzani boarded the train he had chosen for the attempted massacre at Brussels Gare du Midi, yards from where the terrorists behind the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in Paris this year bought their arsenal.

  • Econ 101 teaches, a willing buyer will find a willing seller. The government can make the item illegal. That will only force the sale into the underground economy.

    With many Muslims willing to buy “illegal” weapons, there will be willing sellers.

    The believers in big government cannot stop this reality.

  • Couldn’t wait to try out his new toys. As the saying goes. “Owning a gun does not mean you know how to shoot…”

  • Xavier

    Send the entire damn TSA to France. They’ll be safer and so will we.