Absurd—and Not-so-Absurd—Immigration

In the discussion of Donald Trump’s agenda for dealing with illegal immigration, lots of his proposals are said to be absurd. But are they all?

Mass Deportations?

Targeted deportations are not the same as mass deportations. Trump may want all of the latter, but just as absurdly the Democratic Party seems not to want any of the former.

We don’t know how many illegal immigrants are in the United States, only that the proverbial figure of “11 million” exists in amber since the last century, and despite massive influxes each year. So there is no way to ascertain either the size of the pool of illegal immigrants or how many have committed crimes. Rounding up every illegal alien and immediately deporting them is not feasible, but that does not mean that over one million with criminal records could not be returned to their home countries as undesirables.

  • bob e

    1/4 of the entire population of mexico is living in the US . most on the dole.
    most illegal. how long do you think the US can sustain carrying these effin’ bean eaters ?? what jobs they have they pay very little taxes. the money they make is pumped to the other side of de border quicker than speedy gonzales can piss.
    we are talking north of 40 million people here.

    trump is right.. you either have a country or you don’t.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Mass deportations of an invading population have been performed before. Trump is right. You either have a country or you don’t. Mexico should take its mestizos back. Mexico has the money to support its underclass itself now. Ship’em out by the thousands on naval vessels, and I don’t mean just the ones who have run-ins with the law. ALL of them must go a.s.a.p.

  • The Butterfly

    Change and Hope!

  • lolwut?

    After he builds the wall, use catapults

  • Dana Garcia

    Mitt had it right — self-deportation is the answer. Remove jobs via universal e-verify and eliminate all the freebie stuff from the welfare office, then the aliens will have no reason to stay and can leave the same way they got here.

    As a taxpayer, I don’t like the idea of funding the Moochicans’ free ride home. Let them pay.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Too optimistic.

      • Petey the First

        I agree. What would Hitler do? I’m asking that in all seriousness. Leaving aside genocidal options, what would he do? That’s what needs to be done here.

        • Glenfilthie

          Exactly. If the Germans could put 6 million Jews on cattle cars and ship them to the camps, it would be child’s play to round up 11 million beaners and ship them back home.
          I would incarcerate them for 90 days prior to shipping them home – they could do prisoner labour on the wall across the border, under the supervision of somebody like Sherriff Joe Arpio.

          • Petey the First

            It all comes down to logistics and the will to do what is necessary. The Germans had both. Americans could, but they’ve weakened themselves so much the last decades it may simply be too late.

            So the question is how do you deal with the situation as it is? Succession?

          • Justin St.Denis

            I like the way your mind works! Clever ideas! 😉

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It’s not as optimistic as many would want you to believe.
        Durring “Operation Wetback” for every illegal alien that we deported, between 8-10 did self deport because they no longer had an opportunity to earn a living.
        Their entire reason for being here is economic.
        Remove that, and continue to make their lives difficult, and huge chunks of them will self deport.
        They need to be made to feel unwelcome, rather than accomidated.

        • Minicapt

          It worked in 2006 as well, but the program was curtailed, I think, when the new Democrat House began fiddling with the finances in 2007.


    • Xavier

      My version is: You know you’re in this country illegally and have 30 days to leave before the executions begin.

      • Shebel

        That is the way it should be.

        Rome had the right idea. Times have changed—
        Straight of the rubber raft and into the Arena.

        Pick your side Sunni or Shia—

        462 Virgins for the Victor.
        Only 72 for the that Loser.

    • Blacksmith

      I would be happy to see the above tried, it may succeed. If that doesn’t work it would still be cheaper to fund the trip home than to continue to pay. That supposes we somehow manage to keep them out once they are gone.
      Maybe we can make the first trip by bus and the second by catapult?

  • Returning criminals should not even be a discussion.

    And yet it is.

  • Gary

    Since Obama has promised up to $25,000.00 for each illegal in Tax Credits of they say they were in the USA more that 5 years , it will be cheaper to offer each Citizen $5000.00 for every Illegal they turn in and help deport back top the hell-hole of crime and poverty.

    Canadian’s need a passport to cross into the USA on the Northern border, yet millions pour into the USA from Mexico and some head North to cross into Canada for our Welfare as a bogus Refugee.
    In one year Canada had 15,000 Mexican’s that lied to get into Canada as “Tourists” where they then made a refugee claim for the Heath care and welfare, many women started to pump out Anchor babies to assure a stay or be sponsored into canada in the future by the Canadian baby for our OAS , Health care and CPP.

    Keep in mind that Olivia Chow supports the groups that commit Human trafficking or aid and abet illegals that pay to be taken to Mexico and shuttled up to canada to be a refugee for all the benefits.
    I know this because I caught a local Welcome Centre in High Park that gamed the Welfare system and CRA Charity rules by renting Apartments in the houses they own for the income to the same “refugees” they aided to get into Canada from their links to another Centre in Buffalo.
    The scam I found was to bring in the illegal to fill out all the Legal papers here in Toronto to apply for Welfare and health care , the illegal is taken to the border at Niagara Falls or Fort Erie to be dropped off and they walk into the Borders Office to make their “refugee” claim as if they just walk in for the USA. The process to make the claim isn’t that long, so a car is waiting to drive them back to Toronto or where ever they Housing is by the Support group.

    The Apartment is already empty and waiting for them , once they have the Border Claim papers as Refugee, the Immigration lawyer then submits the pre-filled papers for welfare with the same Address as they are to be living in by the scam .
    This scheme was tied to the CAW and Peggy Nash because they supported it and may not have known about the human Trafficking scam For-profit. So I emailed Nash at the CAW because she approved a $200,000.00 donation to this Welcome Centre that built more Apartments onto their Bloor building for more income.
    But Peggy Nash never got back to me , plus nobody in the media cared about my Documents and proof of this scam. The City of Toronto was tied to this Centre for their support which I found was a ruse to get money to the illegals for “Art” murals as a Grant .
    I found copies of fax’s that I traced to MP’s in Ottawa that supported this Centre , few Politicians cared about his scam . But since Humans were transported from Mexico and across several US States for money which is Commerce and a Felony for not having a License in each State.
    The FBI cared about my document and the details for the Phone Numbers and Addresses in Texas where they got processed was of great interest and netted Arrested from the follow-up by my contact.

    Currently , the NDP dominates all three levels for MP , MPP and Toronto Council.
    Oh , and Peggy Nash is now the M.P. in the Riding where that Welcome Centre is. Hmmm, from the CAW to a M.P. and yet she still doesn’t care to look into the Human trafficking and CRA scam to access Welfare money as quasi-Funding from Tax-dollars by renting Units to that same people they help get into Canada for the Welfare.

    • Ho Hum

      Great investigative work Gary! It just sickens me that our USELESS media chooses to ignore this story. We have a HUGE problem with refugees in this country and yet the media and most Canadians are oblivious to the problem.

      • debrasandersonss

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  • luna
  • Shebel

    Trumps popularity must really scare the LEFT.
    He is Rich and Powerful enough to not care about the Media.
    Unlike in Canada.
    The Media choice is one of 2 Losers—each of which will keep handing out taxpayer loot to the Unions .

    • luna

      Trump scares me, he quick to react without thinking.

      Case in point, his answer to Islamic State is deprive them of the oilfields. But in reality, we don’t want to be guarding oilfields. That would just help Islamic State recruit. Also, if we fought Islamic State directly, that would pay to Iran’s favor.

      This is a long war, and we need to bring together the best minds and greatest nations to win.

      I listened to all candidates, and I’m convinced Dr. Ben Carson is the best choice.

      • Xavier

        He is the best choice. He’s also unelectable.

        • luna

          It’s too early to call.

        • Shebel

          At this moment in time you are correct.

          If Canada elects one of these 2 socialist idiots— things could change.

      • Shebel

        Luna —I never said that I want Trump to the President—- but-I sure do like the way that he keeps the competition in line.

      • Blacksmith

        I like Dr Carson in many way but he has issues too. I certainly mistrust the historically democrat Trump.

  • As regards Muslims, all must be deported a.s.a.p. – why? because they collectively constitute an existential threat to any nation they inhabit. They are not individual criminals like other immigrants, they are collectively potentially a force for violent or non-violent takeover of the country and imposition of Islam on everyone else – forced conversions, 2nd class dhimmi status, mass killings, mass enslavement – not to mention sexual predation, property confiscations, etc. Anyone who denies this is delusive, wishfully thinking.

    • Xavier

      You, sir, posses an intellect and a clarity of thought rarely found.

    • Shebel

      Pretty hard to argu with someone that is absolutely correct.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Avi, islamic scholars themselves admit that islam is incompatible with democracy. That alone should suffice as a rationale for the removal of all muslims and stopping all further immigration from islamic countries.

      • Yes, that is clear. The Muslims’ intentions relative to non-Muslims is clear and know to everyone. They do not hide their anti-democratic programme, they are proud of it. They should be taken at their word and dealt with accordingly without any hesitation. They do not belong in civilized society. Their goal is the destruction of Western civilization.

    • MRHapla

      Plenty of proof of that, in plain sight. The threat and the delusion. Are these interesting times or what?

      • Interesting times, unfortunately. You know the Chinese curse, I take it.

        • MRHapla

          Indeed , I do. I’m looking for the Mandarin.”In spades”


  • Minicapt

    I think there are four or five bills that have passed the House which authorise various wall construction plans. However, except for experimental system, none of the plans have be funded.


    • MRHapla

      to quote the poet, George Patton,,”Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.”

      “Patrol the border with Infantry, imbed one BP agent per platoon.”

  • MRHapla

    Treat it like any medical tumor, cut off the blood supply, cut out what’s left, irradiate/chemo to clean it out.

    That means 1st: repeal/amend the 14th, patrol the southern border with Infantry augmenting the BP,,,,develop an official US Citizen ID system. No ID, no aid, no welfare, and no job. They will vamos a Mexico muy pronto.