Russia’s war against terrorism isn’t what it seems

Despite the lukewarm relations at the best of times, it has been a geopolitical touchstone that Russia and the US could at least serve together as counter-terrorism partners.

But, as Michael Weiss reports in the Daily Beast, there is increasing evidence that Moscow may be helping to facilitate Islamic extremism in the Micdle East.

Moscow has faced a problem with Islamic extremism since a failed war of independence in Russia’s Chechnya in the Caucasus failed in the 1990s.

During the two brutal wars in the region, Chechens became increasingly militant as fighters from across the Arab world and Afghanistan poured in to fight the Russians. Today, Chechnya exists as a semi-autonomous state in Russia that continues to exist as a hotbed of religious and separatist sentiment.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Russia will never be a reliable ally in fighting ANYTHING that is not also a mortal danger to them.
    Anything short of a Hitler that has invaded their lands, you can guarantee yourself that they will be on the other side of the conflict.

    • I have little confidence in Putin.

    • Exactly.

      (SEE: Hitler/Stalin alliance, Molotov-Ribbentropp Pact, Putin, liar)

  • Russia’s biggest threat is Islam. The fools in the Kremlin are fixated on “old glories”. But they are missing the main attraction. It will get much worse for Russia.

    • African

      Russia’s biggest threats are both islam and the anti-Christian and Satanic moral relativist West and they need to be resisting both.

      • David

        That comment is ridiculous.

        • I think African is correct. What is your reasoning?

      • Okay, I see you didn’t read the article.

    • It already is.

      Keep in mind Putin’s trusted puppet, Kadyrov.

      See how well that turned out.

  • edlancey

    Michael Weiss is a neo-con shill who will do anything except pick up a gun and fight in Ukraine with the chechen Jihadis against Russia.

    90 years ago he would have been a bolshevik murdering Russians.

  • African

    Russia is fighting against two fronts:
    The islamic jihadist front and the Western moral relativist LGBTQ front. Both islamic jihadists and the pro muslim, anti-Christian Western moral relativism are both very dangerous to Russia and Russia needs to keep fighting both.

    • David

      russia is run by communists. communists are evil.

      • No -Russia is no longer Communist. It is pragmatically pro-Russian that’s all.

  • Everyone Else

    this is the stupidest article i’ve read in a long time

    it says clashes with jihadists in Russia have declined 50% because Russia told the jihadists to go fight in Syria. What a wonderful idea, all we have to do is say “go away”.

    Here are a few paragraphs of garbage from the article:

    “Officials attribute it to the success of the government in fighting the insurgency; in reality, it seems the drop derives from the fact that all the aggressive, competent fighters are no longer fighting in Dagestan but are in Syria as part of ISIS.”

    “This strategy to steer potential terrorists and troublemakers out of a home country and direct them towards a warzone is not a new strategy. Instead, the FSB is merely adopting a counterterrorism strategy that Saudi Arabia itself had used against the Soviet Union.

    “It’s perfectly conceivable that the FSB would take their most violent types and say, ‘Yeah, you want your caliphate? Go set it up in Raqqa.’

    • Yes, that is exactly what Islamists would do because they are reasonable.

      Except not.

      Let us not forget the Chechen element.

  • But… but… Putin is the Anti-Queer!

  • Ho Hum

    It seems the link between ISIS and Russia is tenuous. On the other hand we have plenty of evidence that NATO countries have supported Syrian Islamist groups with arms and money and that some of these groups morphed into ISIS. In Libya NATO provided air support and arms to Al Qaeda. NATO shipped arms from Libya to Syria which ended up in the hands of ISIS. Obama recently spent half a billion to train “moderate” rebels in Syria. Turns out these “moderates” are aligned with Al Nusra front (Al Qaeda in Iraq) and have been involved in chopping off the heads of Christians. At least Russia is providing military support to the Syrian army – which is the most effect force combating ISIS.

  • Russia cares only for Russian interests. This being given, they may fight terrorists or regimes who threaten it directly or support terrorists or regimes who threaten their enemies.