Multiculturalism and the Rise of Domestic Terrorism

In a speech launching a five-year plan to combat homegrown terrorism, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that “Many people born in Britain have little attachment to the country and that makes them vulnerable to radicalization.”

It’s not as though Muslims who live in Britain don’t eat fish and chips or root for their local football club. But, apparently, a not insignificant number can indulge in British pastimes and still feel unconnected to the country they live in. In her 2006 book Londonistan, Melanie Phillips described how a separate and alien culture had developed in England as a result of Britain’s experiment in multiculturalism—an experiment that had been fostered by British elites in media, government, and even in churches.

  • Brenda

    I’m getting tired of all this they-watch-football-that-makes-them-just-like-us BS. Almost inevitably, terrorists have a lot of distinctive Islamic characteristics that we studiously ignore. For instance, you’ll notice that almost all of them – the Tsarnaeve brothers, various jihadi brides – has female relations who wear hijab -and not the colourful fashiony kind, but the old black crow version- when they don’t actually wear the niqab. But we’ve decided hijab and even niqab are perfectly normal so we’re all shocked when the child of a hijabi runs off to join ISIS. Those 3 British schoolgirls who went to join ISIS were in the habit of calling their schoolmates kufar slags. Again, nothing to see there.

    • Islam is a supremacist cult. This is the germ of its inherent violence and refusal to to integrate.

    • El Martyachi

      In fairness, the jihadi-boppers’ schoolmates likely are slags.

  • You either have a melting pot or balkanization.

  • Alain

    The question that the West refuses to address is how does one expect people to assimilate into a non existent culture. The neo-marxists have succeeded in gutting the culture in every Western country leaving nothing solid or of value. Traditional values and culture along with the history of the country have been neutralised to the point of leaving nothing. It is true that even if this had not been allowed to happen that few Muslims would have chosen to assimilate, but then by the same token a people with a strong sense of their own culture and proud of it would have rejected the invasion of hostile new comers.

    • Alex

      Yes, the author of the article said something about our society’s culture being “hollowed out”, which is what secularism or perhaps more accurately, progressivism does. The situation in the West is rather like a living organism (which a society is) being attacked by a virus (Islam) and unfortunately, our society’s own immune system is already badly compromised (by progressives and leftists). To the point where we may not have the strength to fight off this infection from which we suffer.

      • Some of us must at least try.

        • Alex

          Oh, I agree completely, and didn’t mean to imply otherwise. I attempt to do so myself, as I assume most on this site do.

          It just struck me how the situation could was somewhat analogous to an attack by the AIDS virus in particular – which actually directly attacks an organism’s immune system and therefore its ability to resist the hostile virus. Islam equated to a hostile virus: my, what hate speech (Margaret Atwood would not be impressed with me, I fear.)

    • Well said Alain, they have made it racist to be white.

  • simus1

    As Black Mamba has noted on many occasions, these devout muslim multicults are often primarily from places that have little concept of loyalty to any institution other than their extended family, tribe, and perhaps mosque. The majority of muslims who have no truck with muslim politics or mosques receive no serious attention or support from our vote whoring politicians and leftist government bureaucracies because they are expensive to reach and and hard to “help”.

    • Hard to reach in large part because it is far easier for politicians to gain the illusion at least of success by cultivating the ethnic strongmen kept in power by multiculturalism.

  • luna

    It’s not the case that the majority of western Muslims simply decided on their own that they are more Muslim then western. These ideas come to them from their peers, their family, religious authorities, and terrorist recruiters. It’s a big problem, and it needs to be addressed. Importantly, the government needs to identify and promote modern inclusive notions of what it means to be a western Muslim.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    In Toronto you only have to go to Dixon Road in the area known as Little Mogadishu to see Toronto is no different.

    The Somalis did a targeted campaign to drive all the Caucasian seniors out of those condos when Citizenship and Immigration Canada rented units in those buildings in the 1990’s and put up Somali “refugees” there.

    It was a very targeted campaign against the seniors who owned condo units and the government and police were of no help.

    Somehow many of these supposedly poor and destitute refugees bought up the units as the prices were more than halved and the seniors driven into selling their units and moving.

  • Dana Garcia

    They live among us, but they understand nothing. Islams see freedom and think it is license because they don’t understand the interconnection with law and responsibility.

    Here in the US we have millions of Mexicans who came for the jobs but don’t understand that free-market capitalism is what created those jobs. They vote for democrats and big socialist government that will kill the jobs they came for, but most are too stupid to see the big picture. They want to recreate Mexico.

    Third-world immigration of any kind should therefore be avoided because very few see beyond the surface.