Capitalism’s most dangerous enemies are on the right #elxn42

The far left can’t win without the aid of callous, complacent conservatism

“…If a humanitarian concern to ensure capitalism does deliver something for everyone isn’t enough to instigate reform, perhaps the recent experience of the Canadian right should provide sufficient motivation. There, the Progressive Conservatives had run the oil-rich province of Alberta for 44 years until May of this year, and they had begun to act as if they owned the place. They’d seen protest movements of the kind I’ve already described come and go. They’d become complacent. But everything changed three months ago. Alberta had seen its deficit explode because of the oil-price collapse. The ruling Conservatives told voters to look in the mirror if they wanted to know who was responsible for this mess and they announced 59 tax and fee increases. The only people spared from looking into the mirror were the oil companies and corporates.

No tax rises for them.”