A Sikh’s view of the Religion of Peace

“I have to say this. No apologies.

The pattern of violence and aggressive disregard for human suffering that is persistent in M*sl*m history and contemporary attitude toward non-believers reflects the message of the Quran, which is one of personal superiority and arrogance.

In today’s world, M*sl*m dominance is characterized by the oppression and discrimination of non-M*sl*ms, while M*sl*m minorities within larger societies are distinguished by varying degrees of petulant demand, discord and armed rebellion.

Few M*sl*ms are uncomfortable with this blatant double standard, in which *sl*m either plays the victim or unapologetically victimizes others, depending on its position of power – and the reason is obvious.

*sl*m is a supremacist ideology in which the role of non-believers is subordinate to the position of M*sl*ms.

h/t Marvin