World War “I” – Immigration

Make no mistake about it: the world is at war. A global “migrant” crisis is sweeping across Europe, the Middle East and North America as people smugglers and warring entities send desperate souls to countries that can ill afford to absorb the tremendous numbers that show up on their soil.

Combined with immigrants that are seeking soft borders for a better life it is a crisis that is causing no end of human tragedy, one that is encouraged here in the United States and wreaking havoc abroad.

h/t Marvin

  • Petrilla

    I couldn’t get thru the article but I do know that this invasion of economic migrants is killing Europe and the EU. Thousands every day from Africa and the mid east, maybe some are refugees but most are economic migrants. What a disgusting scene, especi#lly at Calais. What a filthy mess France is putting up with, I thought the French had more pride, they allow their beloved homeland to look like the aftermath of a hurricane in Haiti. Disgusting. The French want the UK to let them all trhu where they will get benefits from day 1. The UK has run out of homes and are now housing them in the same hotels you will be paying for??? Madness. other countries are trying their best to repel these invaders, wouldn’t you? Who are they exactly? It would appear the UN wants you to. Does the UN want to clear out every poor country despite the money we have sent those countries? In the US every central and South American country is sending their ill educated to the USA why? What is this radical movement to remove the populations of the worst countries in the world to the best? Why.? Sounds like Communism to me. Where all of us will be equally miserable. Then came Donald Trump. A wild card. A man who loves America. Billions rich, doesn’t have to buy or pay anyone. Who only wants the best for America. Let,s see what happens now. Latest news 3 unarmed Americans, two military stopped a potential massacre on a European train,. US military, trained to see and react. Everyone should be lucky THEY were on their train on a European jaunt.

    • BillyHW

      France, pride? Do you not remember Vichy?

  • BillyHW

    I didn’t ask to be made a foreigner in my own country.

    • ailai6oong

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  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Whatever is happening base on that issue is political , they are allowing them inside their countries .

  • Jay Currie

    In a sense this war is lost before it is begun simply because the Euros are not replacing themselves. The “why” of that is complicated but my bet is that a combination of feminism and socialism has made family formation more and more difficult. If there are no little Danes or Brits or Frogs there is a vacuum and into that vacuum the dregs of the Middle East and Africa will flow. (Though, actually, the migrants show the sort of pluck which suggests they are the top end of those awful places.)

    As long as we do not have children we leave space for other people to bring theirs. So long as we create child hostile environments with high taxes, silly housing prices and a devaluation of family we ensure that we will be overwhelmed. Not necessarily next week, but within a couple of generations.

    Putting up walls and fences is a stopgap. What will actually work is a baby boom. A boom which, at the moment, seems more than a little impossible. Creating policy which favours family formation and children is hard. It means reducing taxes, encouraging women to stay at home and families to have four or five children. All of which requires an optimism about the future which our progressive governments are utterly opposed to.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You have a point. Women have abandoned their stations. Now they can join the military and serve active duty, too. Yet another reason not have babies.

      We were not alarmed – we were relieved! – when our eldest son became a dad at 23. Then his brothers followed in his footsteps. By 30, the boys each had three kids of their own. Good times! 😉

  • Norman_In_New_York

    President Trump won’t allow this to happen here.