The Rise of Militant Monks

Recent developments in Burma have brought the world’s attention to the ongoing conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims in South and Southeast Asia. But while the media may present the Buddhist–Muslim conflicts in Sri Lanka, southern Thailand, and Burma as fundamentally the same at their core, they are not. Far from this, these three conflicts stem from specific regional issues and politics. Furthermore, each conflict emerges out of an important historical context. However, through globalization, these conflicts are beginning to overlap.

  • The common ground is obvious – Muslims are causing trouble in Buddhist countries as everywhere else. Why? Because their evil religion tells them to aggressively conquer the world. They have no respect or gratitude towards their host countries.

    • i also found the article strange.
      article seemed to say: muslims are in conflict with everyone everywhere, but nowhere it is not the fault of the muslims. then tried to explain why Buddhist monks are bigots.

      • Gary

        True , the media always tries to find out what made a peaceful muslim go Jihad .
        They look for some external factor that provoked them .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sri Lanka has a Buddhist Army which is pretty awesome.

  • Alain

    What a pile of dishonest rubbish! “Conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims” is a bloody lie. The Buddhists are simply defending themselves and refusing to submit to a foreign, totalitarian and blood-thirsty population of Muslim invaders. It is not a conflict but a matter of self-survival, something the West has forgotten.

  • Gary

    Muslims in the West try to exploit the issue with the Monks by playing the victims of islamophobe since it works well in Canada and with Obama.

    The majority of muslims read the same quran , they also expect the non-muslims to just bow down and take their crap.

    Go Buddhists .