Packing heat in Detroit: Motown residents answer police chief’s call to arms

Detroit resident Darrell Standberry doesn’t navigate streets of the Motor City without his licensed handgun, and it already has saved his life once.

“I never leave home without my weapon,” he said. “You never know when or what you’ll encounter.”

  • V10_Rob

    I’m all for citizen’s being able to carry, but stuffed down your pants like that?

    Hardliners, I get you, any gun law is just the foot in the door for more gun laws. But being required to take and pass (and renew every few years) a gun handing and safety class is not an unreasonable restriction. It’s tomfoolery like this that undercuts all of us.

    • Good point, it is a risky carry;)

    • African

      America is imploding from within. Guns, violence, drugs, racism, suicide, homicides, mass-murders and all kinds of evil and the situation in this hellhole (America) will only get worse in the coming years. 23000 murders/suicides in 2012 alone and tens of thousands dead since!

  • DMB

    When criminals are looking for a home to break in one of the types of homes they tend to avoid are the ones with large dogs because they act as a deterrent to thieves fearful of getting attacked by one. Guns are the same way when it comes to people. Criminals tend to avoid individuals carrying guns in fear for their lives. So when you see a sign that says “this is a gun free zone” it is basically an open invitation to crime.

    • I would hold target practice on the front lawn.

      • Maggat

        Can I come?

  • Hard Little Machine

    A good weapon for self defense in your car if you’re not planning on shooting through the windshield is a .410 shotgun with the shortest legal barrel. A good approach is to load every other round with shot and every other round with a slug. Also don’t hesitate to run down someone carjacking your. Run them right the fuck down.

    • El Martyachi

      Have you lived in South Africa? Seriously asking because I gotta go thereabouts in the not too distant future. Like.. Q4 2016.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Yes I am from there. It’s a pretty violent place. Carjacking and robbery are huge. When you’re in your car don’t stop, for anything or anyone. Windows up, doors locked 100% of the time. And live somewhere with a sturdy gate.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Another approach we used to use is leave a bottle of brandy laced with cyanide in the glovebox. I don’t know if that’s legal in the US. But it works well.

    • El Martyachi

      Ya swell, works well on the 15 year old neighbour kids too I bet.

  • lolwut?
  • wallyj180

    I was down in the Motor City a couple of weeks ago.
    I wasn’t wandering about alone like I used to 30/40 years ago.
    It was scary back then.

    This is how travel in Detroit is today.

    You choose your destination.
    You make sure that you have more than enough gas, a charged cell-phone, smokes, and if you are so inclined, a roadie or two.
    You go directly to that spot.
    Use the main roads.
    Don’t deviate. Don’t take shortcuts.
    Don’t get out of the car for anything.
    If you see a person in distress, call 911 from the locked car.

    There are a lot of good people in Detroit, but there are many BAD people there also. If you have a newsfeed from there on cable, watch it. It is startling.
    Downtown Detroit is still relatively safe, but the ‘ hoods’ are to be avoided.

    • Gary

      If you wait a couple of more decades Detroit will come to Toronto at the rate it’s going broke as the Welfare Industrial Complex grows faster than the rate for new taxpayer in the city.

  • canminuteman

    I have nothing against people carrying guns in self defence and if I needed to (and could, I’m Canadian) I would. I own guns and I know how to shoot. But If I lived somewhere where I had to carry a gun everywhere I went as a matter of survival, if I could, I’d move. I suppose the problem with that approach though, is we’re running out of places to move to.

    • ailai6oong

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  • BillyHW

    Imagine, for a moment, what America would look like today if they had picked their own cotton.

    • Gary

      Who the F do you think did the scum jobs before Blacks were brought in to do it?????

      You must be a product of the Public school system and from a wealthy white liberal family that denies their wealth came from oppressing other whites .

      • BillyHW

        So you’re saying that Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore would now be populated by the descendants of oppressed whites instead of blacks?

        Oh, the horror.

  • Barrington Minge

    Hopefully he will blow his balls off…..